MOBIAS Leasing

Mobias Leasing – a financial solution that allows acquiring of modern equipment and means of conveyances, with minimum formalities and no additional collateral besides the leased object.

  • Currency: MDL, USD, EUR;
  • Purpose: financing the acquisition of fixed assets;
  • Period: from 12 to 60 months;
  • Down payment (advance): min. 20% from the acquisition price;
  • Repayments: equal monthly installments;
  • Collateral: without pledged collateral;
  • Insurance: mandatory, against all risks, at a company agreed by Mobiasbanca.


  • No additional collateral is required, besides the leased asset;
  • Less rigid requirements for financial standing as compared with classic credit financing;
  • Minimum formalities (less documents compared with a regular credit product);
  • Competitive interest rate for MDL, EUR and USD based on the down payment and tenor of the leasing contract.

Leasing calculator

Based on the acquisition price, down payment and tenor of the leasing contract, it is possible to estimate the monthly leasing rate.

The presented payment schedule is approximate and is not a Mobiasbanca’s obligation to finance the asset.