System for distant banking service - MobiasSMS, launched by Mobiasbanca represents the easiest way to be in line with all information related to your business accounts directly from mobile phone through SMS messages.

What are your advantages?

  • Security and control over performed operations on accounts held in Mobiasbanca, 24/24, 365 days a year;
  • Economy of precious time for other activities, not being necessary to come to the Bank or call to be in line with situation of accounts or other information for performing the activity;
  • All requests through SMS are done in real time and under conditions of maximum security;
  • All alerts can be set for convenient for you time of the day and as well you can perform requests at any time about situation of your accounts without any constraints.

What operations you may perform?

  • Set alerts on each movements on your accounts;
  • Receive information related to account balance, exchange rate for non-cash operations, mini-statements on accounts’ operations, loan rate to pay, term of deposit/card expiring;
  • Programming of meetings with personal advisor from serving branches.

What are the conditions?

It’s very easy! You need only a mobile phone connected to one of mobile operator network – Orange, Moldcell or Unite.

Find out more now!

Contact your personal advisor from Mobiasbanca for more details or call Contactell 022 256-456, available 24/24.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IS CONNECT NOW! In any Mobiasbanca branch!

Useful documents

List of tariffs for legal entities
Mini-guide for usage of MobiasSMS
Guide for detailed usage of MobiasSMS