150 de Moldoveni

"As a child I liked to work with wood and I loved mechanics" - states Serghei Carastefan who is a clockmaker master

A veritable encyclopedia of symbols of our traditional culture, who by daily service contributes to their popularization and understanding

After he had become a stylist just as his father, he got in the USA, having applied for a Work and Travel program in order to gain experience in this domain

As a director of the House of Folk Costumes "Casa Cristea", she designed clothes for the most prominent men of culture in the Republic of Moldova

He is the best in his field; this is why he was invited to participate in the "150 Moldovans" Project

The Moldovan painter Tudor Zbirnea knew about the struggles the National Arts Museum faced

The desire to have a sporty body motivated Svetlana to go to world championships

Having once asked the question "What do I know about my city’s history?", Iurii Shvet became very passionate about old Chisinau

Moldovan writer Vladimir Lorcenkov without excess of modesty is considered the most talented writer, if not in the world, then certainly in Moldova