Architect Alexandrin Buraga about "Boutique House"

He attained a distinct success due to his personal project "Boutique House" – the house that was published in several international magazines

His achievements place him high above the experience of his 24-year-old fellows. Alexandrin Buraga is the designer and architect who activates in the most famous companies both in Moldova and Romania. He attained a distinct success due to his personal project "Boutique House" – the house that was published in several international magazines and which has been occupying the top position in search engine results for two months on, a web-site for specialists in the field.


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First name, last name: Alexandrin Buraga
Date of birth: 02.05.1990
Place of birth: Chisinau
Education: Faculty of Architecture, University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu", Bucharest, Romania
Domain of activity: Arts
Achievements:  Designer of "Boutique House"


  • "Boutique House" – is the house whose design is based on the reinterpretation concept of the traditional Moldovan house in a contemporary way

This is based on the philosophy of the spiritual dimension of space. Basically, each moment spent inside the house generates personalized emotions. 


  • For example: porch became an incorporated terrace oriented towards south and thus, throughout the day, it is naturally day lighted

In the loggia, of which bedrooms located in the attic benefit, the sunset can be admired exactly in that place. In the morning, in the kitchen, through a horizontal window that is positioned in a way to open its visibility to the panorama, sunrise can be admired in its own natural context.



  • The designer should be a very good psychologist who would understand the client in the first 5 minutes of discussion

A psychological analysis allows the designer to provide a response to any desire or question of the client. 

  • I was shaped by the people I met in Bucharest

I had the opportunity to meet people with whom through communication I was able to understand the depth of this specialty’s approach. I tried to build my own mechanism through which I could transform architecture in a reference point for a context. I also learnt to transform results in an instrument to convey the joy that needs to be generated by space.

I learn a lot from my associate, Dorin Ștefan – a Romanian architect with international reputation and I do appreciate him for the fact that over time I take from both his experience in the field and life.


  • I started to work in the design field when I was in college

I carried out commands which seem to me banal at present: elaboration of technical drawings for some chairs for production, collaborations with real estate companies and 3D visualisations, etc.


  • I receive my great inspiration from the interaction with human beings

I think that human diversity is the foundation of strong and practical inspiration. The more I interact with different people, the more I understand that I can create something personalized for each of them and this makes me also able to find out various ways of thinking in society.


  • I think I was 14 years old when I finished "A. Sciusev" school of painting from Chisinau, receiving a higher-ranking diploma which used to be issued every 5 years

That was the moment when I understood that I needed to harness that talent, and design and architecture seemed to me the most appropriate. But I obtained all my results due to a daily effort.


  • I am very selective when it comes to receiving orders or desires of potential beneficiaries as I look for a strong result

A strong result is based on the contribution of both the designer and the beneficiary.