Andrei Rata (Andrew Rayel): I am from Moldova, and I am proud of that

The "DJ Mag" Magazine launches each year the ranking of the best DJs in the world. In the top we can find the Moldovan DJ Andrew Rayel

In 2012, Andrew ranked 77th, in 2013 he had a rise of 49 positions, thus ranking 28th. Recently, Andrei climbed to the top 24th position. We intended to know more about Andrei Rața, the Calarasi boy whose nickname today is in the talks of hundreds of fans. On what he experienced before seeing his name on the billboards of the hottest concerts and the pride he feels as a Moldovan, you will read in our article below.


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First name, last name: Andrei Rata
Date of birth: 21.07.1992
Place of birth: Calarasi
Education: Musical School, Free International University of Moldova (ULIM) - Accountancy
Domain of activity: Arts
Achievements:  24th place in the Top 100 DJs 2014 by DJ Mag


  • The most important event of my life occurred when I was in ninth grade and it is closely related to what I do now

At that time I went to my first audition at the musical school. I remember it was already the middle of the school year, children were no longer accepted to study. Then piano teacher told me I have all the qualities of a musician and that I must be absolutely be accepted at the school. I believe this event is actually the bridge I crossed as I started my musical career I have now.


  • In addition to musical school, I studied at FIUM, in the Accountancy Department

I believe that every person, despite of their work field, must have a stable, real profession. You never know what changes life can bring. My profession is not as stable as fame is. Audience preferences are changing and we must adapt. I admit, I had moments when I wanted to leave the university behind, but parents insisted to continue on my studies. By the way, they are both accountants, thus I am part of a dynasty of accountants.


  • From one’s viewpoint the DJ profession seems to be an easy and cheerful one, but do not forget the other side of the coin

Not everything is as sweet as it sounds. International fame and appreciation bring you many extremely hard to face struggles. This summer, for example, we had three different events in three different countries on the same day. An overloaded schedule means a lot of responsibility. If a plane is delayed or late it creates a pretty stressful situation. Because everything was planned ahead, I was expected by people – then I had no right to disappoint them. Besides, my job entails many sleepless nights, different time zones etc.


  • Each musician has a special place, where he feels in harmony with himself, where he can relax and create

This place is my home in Calarasi, my personal studio. In the same room, in the same studio, all the art works were created. Maybe some ideas came to me as I flew in the plane or at the airport, as shown in many international spots, but still I continued to work on some parts while being at home.


  • I am from Moldova, and I am proud of that

I believe that everyone should know their identity, where we came from, what language we speak. Since childhood I reacted negatively when people of other countries spoke about Moldova through the lens of stereotypes: that the only good thing a Moldovan is capable is construction and winemaking. I think that our country is much richer than just that. We have talents in all areas. My goal is to change this stereotype and I'm really happy when at some concerts in various countries people come with the Moldovan flag as a sign of respect. I happened to experience this in Mexico, Canada, USA, and Asia. It's nice to contribute especially on your country's image, a thing I will certainly continue to invest in.