Anfisa Voitenco: We live in an ordinary world, one should not forget this

Anfisa Voitenco is the girl from Chisinau, who founded “Urban Grass” project

The goal of this project is the consolidation of an initiative group and the gradual change of our city.
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First name, last name: Anfisa Voitenco
Date of birth: 16.06.1991
Place of birth: Chisinau
Education: Faculty of Anthropology
Domain of activity: Social Affairs
Achievements:  Decorated the theater "A. Chekhov" with clothing cork and founded the "Urban Grass" project 


  • In Moldova, there is ActivEco program that organizes workshops for young people within which social and environmental issues are discussed

I have always been interested in this kind of topics, that was why I got enrolled in those workshops, where I had the opportunity of meeting a lot of nice people, who make an effort to change our country and the world into better. After many discussions and search for solutions to the issues that concerned us, finally the idea of creating „Urban Grass“ project appeared. At first we wanted to create a place where people of Chisinau could rest, read books from a free street library, drink tea and in the same time to find out more about ecology and healthy lifestyle. Usually, in Chisinau all people rush somewhere and nobody has time for himself. Besides park areas, an ordinary passerby has nowhere to sit to enjoy a minute of his life. We decided to organize regular events in various locations. Through them, we want to communicate to people the idea of mutual aid, caring for nature and give them the opportunity of meeting people and communicate in the open air, to share their knowledge, but the most important to make our city a better place through joints efforts.


  • "A. Cehov" theatre square is in the center of the city

It is a place whereby a lot of people pass. Nearby, there is a hotel which is in a deplorable state. It is a shame that people from the city can not undertake anything to remedy the situation. When leaving the theatre after the show, people might prefer to sit somewhere to discuss what they saw, but they have nowhere to do it. Why not to put chairs around the fountain and on the greensward? 


  • It is very constructive when people, through small projects, begin to think about the ecological situation from all over the world

We live in an expendable world and we use all its gifts without thinking about consequences. But only a few people understand that it was when we turned our way of life towards mass consumption, the world changed beyond recognition, and unfortunately we still continue to destroy it. That was how the idea of a mosaic of plastic stoppers appeared. 


  • The stoppers are an eloquent example that we can use repeatedly many things

Each of us can bring his personal contribution. The project has not been carried out yet, we are still collecting stoppers, and in all probability the mosaic will appear by the end of April, within the second event, which will most likely take place in another place, as "A. Cehov" theatre square is now under reconstruction and this mosaic will appear there only when all restoration procedures are finished.


  • My husband, Feliciu Margina, is preparing an exhibition of Moldavian art, which will take place at the Zemstvei Museum

It is going to be an art gallery available to all creative people from Moldova. The basic idea is to create an independent center of culture in Chisinau, which would not belong to the state and depend on it. We would like to give young Moldavian artists the opportunity to make themselves visible and even earn some money from selling their works or organizing lectures or master-classes


  • We hope to get the interest of representatives of various charitable funds and receive grants for development

Therefore, the first step consists in colleting funds, and afterwards, this place will function as a normal gallery. I can already say that the first exhibition is planned.