Carolina Siscanu: Any dream may come true if you really desire that

She got in ballet by chance, but remained in this domain thanks to a titanic work on which her professionalism had been built

It was not just once when she was about to give up because "it was very difficult", but later on she realized that it was her vocation. Siscanu Carolina is one of the best dancers in the Republic of Moldova who, in addition to performing on big international stages, is a teacher at a school of choreography in the USA.


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First name, last name: Carolina Siscanu
Date of birth: February 21st, 1991
Place of birth: Chisinau
Education: Academy of Music, Theatre and Arts of the Republic of Moldova, Choreography
Domain of activity: Arts
Achievements: Professional ballerina, ballet teacher in America


  • It all began 14 years ago

I was in third grade and studied in an ordinary school. I spend my free time at a dance studio, for my mother always wanted me to look good and practice sports. One day at school came a professional ballerina who at that time taught at the College of Choreography. During the lesson she approached me and asked if she could try something. She told me to execute some moves, she raised my feet trying to see how resilient I was and then I talked to my mother and told her that I had a chance to go to ballet school. In the same month I went to the new school, the "National College of Choreography". First ballet lessons were horrible. Nothing went well for me. The teacher was very strict and I told my mother that I did not want to continue.


  • This profession is one of the most difficult both physically and psychologically

My entire childhood was about ballet. I was at school and for days, having lessons or dance lessons. It was very difficult; I had no time to go outside to play with other children. I did not have time to go out somewhere for a walk. I came home late feeling absolutely exhausted and I had to do my homework and rest as well. So I would say that I had no childhood. It was my first sacrifice. At school it was really hard, I had to do it all and be among the best at dancing, because if I did not practice enough the teacher would lose interest in me.


  • There have always been stressful situations, tears, but I learned to be strong

I learned not to take into account what others say and I learned to move forward. It was hard when I started learning how to dance in ballet shoes (shoes that help you stay on your fingertips). At first I was in great pain, but along with daily practice my legs got used to this great effort. Now there are more convenient and comfortable ballet shoes and it is not so painful to start practicing ballet.


  • I was accepted in the ballet group of Opera and Ballet Theatre where the real life of a ballerina begins

Lots of hours spent at the theater, in the hall, rehearsals – during this time I had to learn the repertoire of performances. I did it, I got over that huge stress and I'm glad I did not ever cry. Many times I wanted to quit, because it was really hard. Performances take all your strength, people press you, there are many things that take place in any ballet community and sometimes that makes you want to give up, but you always have to think over and over again before making a decision.


  • There are many beautiful things in this profession

You have the opportunity to meet ballet and opera stars, whom I do not think anyone has the opportunity to meet, you have the opportunity to dance on many international stages as well. I had the opportunity to be on tour when I was 16 years old, in the United Kingdom. I was there for three months and I danced in 86 performances. I was one of the youngest ballerinas. You gain experience on tour - you learn the repertory faster, learn what your body is capable of, find out what to hide and what to show on stage.  As you practice, grace of movements develops, outlining every move you make. After this tour other tours had followed in many other countries such as Belgium, Italy, Sweden, France, Spain, Switzerland, China, Czech Republic, Canada, USA, Sicily, etc.


  • Now I am in America, this is the third year that I come back here

The first time when I was on a tour in the USA I was as a dancer; it was a two months tour that I had enjoyed enormously. The following year when I was preparing for this tour, the company I work with came with a proposal to teach children choreography and I did accept that offer. It is the second year that I come here in August and travel from one city to another in order to teach children theatrical choreography. American children are very receptive, they smile all the time. They are always very attentive and eager to see what new dances they can be taught. There are kids from 6-14 years old. At the end of the lesson my favorite moment is when all children come near you and hug you very closely. It is truly that moment that brings full satisfaction.

I'd like to advice girls who want to become ballerinas to be strong, work more, and make more effort because any dream may come true if you really desire that.