Dan Corcodel: after The Route I began to truly live

Dan Corcodel is the only Moldovan who made the pilgrimage on the path traveled by St. James, one of the oldest in Europe

For 22 days, Dan has traveled one way from El Camino de Santiago (Road to Santiago) to Camino Frances. He had only strictly necessary stuff, a few months to train and a burning desire to reach the end of the road. From one end of Spain to another he faced many difficulties, but among them, first of all, he rediscovered himself.


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First name, last name: Dan Corcodel
Date of birth: 14.10.1986
Place of birth: Chisinau
Education: PhD, Faculty of Economics, State University of Moldova
Domain of activity: Sport
Achievements:  The first Moldovan who traveled by feet throughout Spain in 22 days


  • My goal from the very beginning was rediscovering myself, self reconciliation, fulfillment of dreams, sports, adventure, meeting new people

My achievements far exceeded the original purpose. A lot of lessons learned, obstacles overcome, the untouched nature admired, my own personality embraced and celebrated. I found that I lost myself in order to be found. I learned to live here and now. I completely changed my own vision and attitude towards life and many more things I have discovered for myself.


  • Training lasted about half a year

I walked about 10 km every day. But as I was travelling the third day on this wonderful Route, I understood that training was not enough because I had severe feet pain. I was more insistent in psychological preparation, which is the most important. Many people are not naturally resistant, and sometimes take a taxi or a bus to the next town or even go home.


  • During the journey, I faced difficult moments every day, but these are relative struggles

I would say that every time I gained new experiences. For example: you do not pour out the water from a bottle until you make sure you have tap water to drink, take breaks even if you feel that you have enough power. Ignoring stunning views of the nature and looking down or listening to your inner voice when you're not sure if you took the correct path and much more...


  • I met a lot of people who came from all over the world: Korea, Japan and North and South America as well

Their attitude towards The Route was very different because it was very personalized. The route gives you some knowledge, lessons and much more depending on individual needs. There is a common thing - all pilgrims want to reach Santiago de Compostela.

  • The route requires taking risks and responsibilities and one of them is to be yourself

There is no overseeing and you must take responsibility for yourself. Along this route I was questioned by some policemen if I had seen a wanted fellow from Canada, later on I figured out that person was sought by his parents. Even if the route has a lot of indicators and the risk of getting lost is minimal, however there is a chance to go through such an experience, an experience that actually happened to me. Therefore, all responsibility and supervision belongs to yourself only!


  • The only person who encouraged me was my brother

Parents were very worried, even though they know I have traveling experience. Friends were the most direct towards me telling me I'm out of my mind.

When I started The Route I thought I would make many conclusions about myself and life in general, but in the end I reached the conclusion I do not want to make any conclusion. Life is such a complex mechanism, so exciting, so diverse that I do not want and cannot make any conclusions at all.