Doina Lungu's "Symphony of a murderer"

After two years of waiting, the novel “Symphony of a murderer”, written by the young journalist Doina Lungu, finally saw the light of the day

The book was launched in January, immediately after holidays and it can already be found in bookstores, but now, the author will tell us what it means to write a novel.


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First name, last name: Doina Lungu
Date of birth: 07.09.1991
Place of birth: Chisinau
Education: Moldova State University, Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, Editorial Activity 
Domain of activity: Arts
Achievements: Author of novel “Symphony of a murderer”


  • I used to write short stories as a child

I started with a short fantasy novel about Halloween, being inspired by J. K. Rowling’s books. I was only 13 years old. Then came my meeting with Stephen King, who was some type of a spiritual mentor to me and the one who indirectly made me understand that I wanted to write thrillers and mystical later in life. The idea of a more extensive writing came to me in college and that was the time when I decided to start an experiment. 


  • “Symphony of a murderer” began with a dream, the one in which I met my protagonist, Adam

Through combination and being a musician and a religious fanatic, he imagines that he is able to destroy all evil in the world with the help of his symphony which he has been writing all his life. He takes upon himself the name of the Savior and kills without mercy all those whom he considers sinful.


  • Then came a summer when I wrote daily, sometimes with enthusiasm, sometimes exhaustingly

That was probably the strangest period of my life I went through. In order to go into the atmosphere of my book, I had to create for myself a state of melancholia, slightly depressed, but I eventually succeeded.  


  • Being in the last year in college, I thought it would be appropriate to write my final paper based on my novel

I approached my professor, who accepted my idea straight away, therefore I wrote a little more unusual scientific thesis. Afterwards, my professor sent the manuscript to the publisher and it was accepted to be published.


  • The book has recently been published, after two years of waiting

It was published with the help of the Ministry of Culture. It was a too long period of time, which was caused by bureaucracy, but it was worth it.  


  • "50 shades of Grey" is a waste of time and that is an understatement

In Coelho’s case, I did not have enough patience to go through even a few pages (“The Alchemist”) and now it rests on the shelves together with other dozens of such commercial novels (for example, “Vampire Diaries”), which I consider to be the product of an infected and unintelligent society. 


  • Now...

I am about to finish another novel on which I have been working for more than a year, remaining faithful to the genre I approached in the “Symphony of a murderer”.