Dumitru Micusa: I took my scissors and went in this world to get experience

After he had become a stylist just as his father, he got in the USA, having applied for a Work and Travel program in order to gain experience in this domain

Dumitru is the son of a famous Moldovan stylist whose name is Victor Micusa. After he had become a stylist just as his father, he got in the USA, having applied for a Work and Travel program in order to gain experience in this domain. After three months of work in an American saloon, he decided that he would not return home as expected, but would travel around the world in order to gain hairdressing experience. The first countries to visit were countries from Latin America, where he got his "Peluquero del Mundo" (World Barber) qualification due to the fact that he earned his own money due to hair styling.


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First name, last name: Dumitru Micusa
Date of birth: 14.07.1991
Place of birth: Chisinau
Education: Petrovskii College (St. Petersburg)
Domain of activity: Fashion
Achievements:  He initiated the project "with scissors in the world"


  • If you have scissors and you can trim, you'll survive anywhere in the world

When my US adventure was over, I wondered: What’s next? I am going to return to Moldova, I am going to work in a saloon, get some loyal customers and, after a while, I am going to expand my business. Good perspective. But ... Suddenly, I realized that I do not want to follow my father’s dreams, but in fact, I would love to get some fresh experience - something that belongs to me only. I decided to travel the world, offering people hair styling services in exchange of money or other facilities. The money I earned in the US was spent on purchasing a ticket to my first destination country in Latin America, which was Peru. And from there I went to Chile.


  • In Santiago (Chile) I met Alvaro – a very talented young man

As he is professional designer, he helped me a lot with my own image creation; he is as well the author of "Peluquero del Mundo" logo. My point is that I offer my services to passersby in the street. Many are surprised because it is something new for them. I do not have a fixed fee. They pay less compared to the lounges they usually go to. Some "clients" offer barter deals – they prepare a meal for us, get us to another location, provide housing.


  • During a five month period I earned enough money to fulfill my dream

In February I went to Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival. It is a formidable city, radically different from anything I’ve seen: if someone is called a bandit, he really is a bandit (and you’d better never get to meet him), if he is a good man, he is indeed good. And women are very beautiful and have a nice style of thinking. Stylists in Brazil earn good money, so that’s why I am thinking to continue the “Take your scissors and travel the world” project.


  • I still do not know what my life will look like in 10 years

One certain fact is that I will be working as a stylist. As for my near future and what it holds for the next two years - I will be probably traveling around the world, doing my very best to visit as many countries as possible. I will try to take advantage of this project as much as I can. One fact remains certain and that is that I want to get the best results out of this project.