Evghenii Hudorojcov: It is important to put your heart into clothing

Evghenii Hudorojcov became a household name in the Republic of Moldova thanks to his talent in fashion design

Some women have clothes in their wardrobes signed by the artist, others want them by all means. However, one fact is clear and it is that Evghenii manages to make a name for himself not only nationally but also internationally, being appreciated and talked about. You can find out from the following  interview the impressions, opinions and desires that dwell in the designer’s mind.


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First name, last name: Evghenii Hudorojcov
Date of birth: 05.12.1989
Place of birth: Chisinau
Education: Free International University of Moldova, interior design
Domain of activity: Fashion
Achievements: initiated national and international promotion of the brand that bears his name, participated at Fashion Walk in Africa and New York


  • I can honestly say that I had an unforgettable experience in Las Vegas Fashion Week 2014

In a short period of just two weeks I saw the beautiful and not the best sides of America. The bright side  is that this country offers you an inexplicable power to move, to fight in some way for your future and dreams. America gave me wings to fly, so that even today I still have inspiration remained. The way I was appreciated gave me greater self-confidence, giving ground for my artistic roots to go deep. Regarding the bad side of America, I can say that the image of the United States is generally  not even close to what we are shown on TV.


  • Five years ago, when I was at the beginning of my career, I saw in a magazine a publication about New York Couture Fashion Week, and it was at that time when I said to myself that in 5 years I would be present at that event

Finally, dreams come true but there is nothing one can take for granted. In order to have this dream fulfilled on my checklist, I can tell you I worked  a lot, I invested and worked to see the final result. Even though the investment was a risky one, it paid off.


  • Collection Skylark was presented both in New York and Las Vegas

The distance between the two events was only six days and thus people who are thousands of miles away from us had the opportunity to see some of our traditional specifics. In developing of the collection I was inspired by flying lark, which is shown in my work by strictness of its fixed line direction into the sky. We designed forms and loose structures desiring to render the air the birds cross in their flight, and of course their smooth singing and obviously their harmonious and sweet trill. I wanted the ”Skylark” outfits firstly display elegance, finesse and simultaneously strength and courage that a woman has.


  • It is natural that new fashion designers appear

It is always that we need something new implemented, invented and it is a known fact that fresh visions are always appreciated. Especially healthy competition brings the necessary fruits. Speaking of local designers I can only say that I feel sorry for most of them, on the grounds that they do not appreciate the true value of their work. And returning to the idea of the emergence of new creators, I can only  add that time proves who is a genuine designer and who is just an amateur copy paste designer. Speaking of myself I can only say one thing: I will continue to work beyond the limits to set a worldwide brand. I want my clothes to be worn by every third woman in the world.


  • Inspiration is a special subject because you do not know where it will direct you the next time

For instance, the last collection of diaphanous dresses had the motto ”Fashion for Peace”. The clothes come as a shout, as a desire for emancipation understanding all the negative that is around us now. Then it was the collection ”Miorizza” which is based on popular theme and is inspired by Moldovan woman, who is frail, fragile, bride, mother, grandmother, daughter and in the same time is powerful.


  • I believe it is important that the clothes have the power to communicate something

Everything starts with a theme or an object or an event that challenges you to work. The creative process is not just sketches and fabric selection, but also involves the soul, so that in the future, whoever  wears a piece of clothing would feel it close to heart, and would understand where the inspiration came from.


  • In the near future there is something very green and fresh coming

These qualifications are chosen for evening dresses in winter. Of course the usual style will be reconstructed by me in a new way just as phoenix bird was reborn. At the risk of repeating myself I want to specify that the limitations are not for me, I am ready to escape them, and I will go on the same way in the future.