Grigore Brasoveanu: coaches from Moldova are workaholics

More and more weightlifting medals are coming into the country through Grigore Brasoveanu, Sports and Master Coach from Nisporeni

Behind each champion, there is a lot of work and definitely a good coach. More and more weightlifting medals are coming into the country through Grigore Brasoveanu, Sports and Master Coach from Nisporeni. He is the man who successfully coached persons like Igor Bour, Ecaterina Tretiacova and many others who turned weightlifting into gold medals at weightlifting world championships.


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First name, last name: Grigore Brasoveanu
Date of birth: 30.05.1954
Place of birth: Nisporeni
Education: Geography and Biology Faculty, Pedagogical Institute of Tiraspol
Domain of activity: Sport
Achievements:  Successfully trained many athletes who gained gold medals in weightlifting world championships


  • I have practiced sports my whole life

Initially, I practiced free fighting, then I started weightlifting and I have been in the national team of the Republic of Moldova for 7 years. After graduation, I started working as a coach, and this is what I do from the 1980s till present.


  • Sports mean discipline and work

To obtain a certain performance, an athlete must follow a training and food discipline. Also, it is about a huge amount of work and that is why only few people can resist. I did some statistics and during my 34 years old activity I observed that from one hundred beginners only one reaches the level of Master in Sports. This is the same as when from one hundred masters of Sports only one reaches the international level.


  • You must have a high willingness to become a champion

There are many athletes, who are in a very good physical shape, but if they do not have that Desire, they cannot succeed or have good results.

  • I'm proud of all my new disciples

Most of them became brave men. I'm proud of those athletes who are European and world champions. In the last 4 years, Nisporeni School obtained 25 medals at the European Championships.


  • If we continue in the same rhythm things happen in our country nowadays, then Sports will not resist in Moldova

We must admit that at present we have a very unpleasant tendency among athletes who go abroad, because there is no allocation of funds for the development of Sports. We do not even have a training room for weightlifting workouts, though we have Olympic champions.


  • Most coaches from the Republic of Moldova, those who work in the domain of Sports are sick people in a good way

Back in the ‘90s, when many of us did not receive any salary for two months, we put our money, we brought food from home, and we took as many boys as one could get in his personal car, so that they could participate in competitions. It is something that you have to really like. I am talking about the older generation in this case, because young people refuse to dedicate themselves to Sports.