Igor and Alexander Luchianov about "Et Cetera" brand

Two brothers set up a small factory in southern Moldova and produce wines under the "Et Cetera" brand, known by local and international wine enthusiasts

Consumers of "Et Cetera" wines are very diverse by age, income and nationality. Their goal is to promote wine consumption culture, which in their opinion, is slowly being popularized in Moldova.



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First name, last name: Igor Luchianov
Date of birth: 28.08.1972
Place of birth: Chisinau
Education: unfinished higher education
Domain of activity: Business
Achievements:  Creator of "Et Cetera" wine brand very popular in Moldova and abroad


First name, last name: Alexandru Luchianov
Date of birth: 01.01.1969 
Place of birth: Chisinau
Education: unfinished higher education
Domain of activity: Business
Achievements:  Creator of "Et Cetera" wine brand very popular in Moldova and abroad



  • The idea of creating and organizing a wine factory in Moldova appeared when I was in the USA

In the early ‘90s we went to work in the USA. We were doing very well, working in the gambling industry. Being on a vacation we decided to return to Moldova and as we went back to our vacation destination we brought several kinds of Moldovan wines, which we proposed to our colleagues. Having tasted our wines, the Englishmen, who are innate tasters, made us realize, in a very polite manner, that the quality of our wines is poor. Back then I did not understand anything about wines, we only knew that Moldova is a wine producing country, therefore the words of my colleagues left me disappointed. Since then we had traveled extensively and tasted local wines in each country to understand what a good wine is and what qualities it must possess.


  • I began to differentiate international brands and appreciate the quality of wines by flavor and taste

I wanted to learn more about wine production at one of the universities in America. But some circumstances determined me to go back to Moldova. In Moldova we decided to plant vines and subsequently to establish the production of wines. In 2003 we registered "Et Cetera" trademark. Together with Igor we invested our money to purchase land, where we planted vines and very peacefully saw our grapes grow. We sold our first harvest in 2005 and we left a few tones to produce 3,000 bottles of wine. Two years later our plant construction was started. In 3 years we received the license for wine production and marketing. Now we produce around 100,000 bottles a year.


  • From the very beginning we separated our responsibilities: I supervise the production process, and Igor handles logistics and sales

I manage the production process, from the growth of grapes to the last stage of wine bottling. I know very little about sales tools and I do not think I could convince someone to buy my product. But in fact, good wine is like a good painting, it does not need advertising. Therefore, in order for a good wine to hit the hands of a man who might appreciate it, there is a need for brand that anyone could recognize. And at this stage you cannot do without good marketing. Igor is a communicative person and easily predisposes people to interact with him. One way to promote your product is to organize various thematic events which would make our brand popular. Generally, Igor deals with customers seeking cooperation and negotiation.



  • "Et Cetera" wines make their way on the market via two types of labels

Mobiasbancass-market label – includes cheap wines, which are sold in supermarkets; premium label - relatively expensive wines, which are sold in restaurants and are exported. Unfortunately, the status of our country, which is an agricultural country, does not make Moldova a land where the wine culture is honored. Lately, many beautiful trends appeared in our country that aims to popularize the culture of wine consumption. In our opinion, it's not right to sell the same type of wine in supermarkets and restaurants. The wines of the premium segment must be sold in specialized wine shops and restaurants, and never in supermarkets. Part of our production is exported to England, Germany, Latvia, China and the USA.


  • To popularize wine drinking culture we organize annual events

In September of each year we invite everyone to visit our factory during the Wine Festival. During this event, we do our best to enrich the wine culture of the population: we tell them about the production process and show them how it actually takes place, allowing them to participate in some stages of its production. Guests can also taste wine varieties as they are guided by Alexandr. At the end of this event, we organize a small DJ party. This year we plan to organize more events at our factory. They will be dedicated to the works of Vladimir Visotkii. Just imagine how pleasant it will be to hear the poems of this great poet, to hear the songs sung by contemporary bards, surrounded by our vine plantation and tasting our wine.