Ion Iancu: I will not stop loving my native country

Ion Iancu is a landowner in Moldova who, after 6 years of working abroad, has taken a firm decision: home is best place

Being determined to stay in his native country he built his own business and has in his management today 240 hectares of land. Farmer's recipe for success is quite simple, but you’ll find more about it in the following interview.


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First name, last name: Ion Iancu
Date of birth: 01.06.1984
Place of birth: Frasinesti, Ungheni
Education: incomplete secondary studies, vocational school, specialty mechanized agriculture
Domain of activity: Business
Achievements: After 6 years of work in Moscow he has returned and started a business in the field of agriculture


  • I decided to go back home after several years of working in Moscow

The decision was difficult but necessary because I could not make it any longer among strangers, I felt that certainly home is the place where I will have peace. Initially I thought to produce furniture, taking into account that I learned some principles in those six years of working abroad. But, as I got used to face life independently, due to the love that I had for agriculture, I started my investment with a few hectares I possessed. And eventually I bought more land, therefore the business began to expand.

Currently I manage 240 hectares. From the few I had, I possessed 27 hectares in the first year and 180 hectares in 2012. However, as the dynamics shows, each year the number of hectares increases, and as a conclusion - this tendency brings personal joy.


  • When I returned to Moldova, I invested all my money and founded the agricultural household

Having money raised from my wedding, that took place as soon as I got home, I bought a sowing-machine and a plow. I took advantage of a grant from the PNAET program and I bought the first tractor. So I got into possession of 27 hectares of land. Although the income turned out to be not high, the villagers took notice of my investments and decided to entrust me their lands. It was hard to convince them to wait a little longer because the land they entrusted me was not processed, and the year was expected to be dry. And even if sometimes the weather was not on our side, with the grace of God I honored all my responsibilities to land owners. I am grateful to the people who had proven themselves to be understanding and patient.

To this day I do not regret at all the decisions I made some time ago. I coped with what I had and I was always cautious, trying to make sure I do not face damages, or at least minimize the damages. The problems make you stronger, and I'm used to handle any problems, especially when I have such a team of supporters behind me.


  • My plans for the future are spectaculous

Of course I want to expand my business, but my first priority will be to implement the latest nautilus technology. I would also like to procure a combine in the near future. With God's help I want to have a place of storage built for grains to preserve them during several years.

At the present moment I don’t plan exporting agricultural products. It has proven to be quite difficult and requires a lot of certifications. I am absolutely satisfied with the domestic market, as long as I know how prices are formed.


  • I would suggest today’s youth to be more courageous

Be full of dreams and wish for your dreams come true. I want the younger generation who follow our footsteps to be one who is optimistic and strong. I also want to see people in our country who shortly will display their real performance and competitiveness.