Natalia Shaufert: In the Republic of Moldova cinema is rising from its own ashes

Natalia became the ambassador of our cinema, demonstrating the truth of Miron’s Costin great words “There are people born in Moldova too”

Natalia Shaufert is a young hope for our domestic films. In 2013, when she won the award for “The best director” for “Ana” movie, at the International Film Festival “Gulf” from Dubai, Natalia became the ambassador of our cinema, demonstrating the truth of Miron’s Costin great words “There are people born in Moldova too”. However, the young producer has many dreams, about cinema, which are only waiting to take shape in films signed by her. What movies mean to Natalia and why she opted for a life of a director, she herself tells us.


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First name, last name: Natalia Shaufert
Date of birth: 23.08.1989
Place of birth: Chisinau
Education: Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts
Domain of activity: Arts
Achievements: The award  "Best Director" for production "Ana" at "Gulf" International Film Festival in Dubai (2013)


  • Film producer from the beginning of her career

Being a young producer means doing what you like, traveling in foreign countries and socializing with notorious people.  After all, it is not the country that matters, but it is the film that does. When you participate in an international competition, the jury and the public do not focus on the country that presents its film, but they do appreciate teamwork, content of movie and actors, actions, not least producer’s work. In the Republic of Moldova, cinematography is rising from its own ashes.  I am sure that we will create more quality movies and which certainly will not only conquer the audience in our country, but abroad too. Going against the wind is hard, but not impossible.


“Ana” movie has been given for distribution for a 3-year period to the “SHORTS the short movie channel” company.


  • Movie fan challenges

Metaphorically speaking, it is like I fight with the sky- not being able to touch it, but I see it. We have many stereotypes to defy, various gaps and obstacles, but as I mentioned before- to go against the wind is hard, but not impossible. Making movies in our country is a challenge, but with little effort and enthusiasm one can succeed! When you see that your work, the movie you worked on with passion and the desire to make it, reaches to the hearts of movie fans, nothing else matters. Then you just enjoy what you achieved, practically the fact that all came to an end, and all you do is savoring the victory!


  • Rules for life

Winston Churchill once said: “Never give up” (Do not ever give up). I fully agree with him, one should never give up. Always try to think outside the “box”. It is a great quality of not being like others, to be different and go against the current. Sometimes, however, these very moments give you strength and the confidence that your work is not in vain. 


  • How could you comment the statement “Life beats the movie?”

I believe that destiny is superior to a script written by a person. There are two realities: the one in the movie and the other one in life. In the movie, there is a balance between good and evil, while in real life the balance often lacks. After all, we are the actors of our own life and we contribute in the same time to its scenario.