Nicolae Latunov: artist aims to change the world

From a simple attraction, art has become a way of life for Nicolae Latunov, the one who today has in his collection hundreds of paintings and Venetian masks

The artist is the kind of person who does not complain about the situation, but is trying to change it. Despite the praise he received, Nicholas supports the idea that he must still work, in order to get the new achievements. The way art is made in Moldova you may find out from the first source.


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First name, last name: Nicolae Latunov
Date of birth: 02.05.1977
Place of birth: Nisporeni
Education: Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts, General Art Faculty, Florence MA
Domain of activity: Arts
Achievements: Artist, creator of Venetian masks


  • One day I realized that I merged with art, we're a whole

This feeling came when I caught the artistic taste. From the age of 10 I started drawing when I realized that in the future I will be painting, because it is this occupation that brought me supreme satisfaction. I love what I do, I like to read, I strive for perfection because it is only then someone can progress in any profession, especially the one I have.


  • Besides the many paintings that bear my signature there are masks that bear my signature as well

They became for me a mystery that I had to necessarily find out. I started making masks in 2000 when I was still at the academy, afterwards I studied in Florence and took my trip to Venice. This little trip made me realize that I want to work with masks, because I was able to learn their history. In fact, the symbol of this Italian city is the mask, the famous Venetian carnivals and all kinds of accessories which come to revive the long forgotten era. The masks are used frequently in the theater and why not use them in life, whether it is a play in which everyone has his role.


  • I'm not afraid to jump higher than I could eventually jump

For me it's important to think of great goals because it is only this way I can develop and motivate myself go forward. People's opinions do not matter to me, therefore if you take into consideration everyone’s opinions you fail understanding more. There is a risk to be criticized without any arguments and you can get to the point of disappointment, if you are a weak personality. I think you should follow your own path. I am an artist, I work on Venetian masks, make paintings, portraits of our native people. I work so that later I would gather the fruits of my work and fruits to me represent all kinds of personal exhibitions that are successful.

  • At home am able to make progress professionally speaking, but I could do more

Even though in our country one could always complain because of the difficulties, I think that Moldova is a good platform for growth and progress of a specialist in any field, in our case it is the painting. It is important to have the desire to work. Today the situation has changed a bit, we have visa free regime to Europe, we have internet which helps us to be informed, artists are able to sell their creations online. I can clearly say it out loud that I make a living from art. Creating masks, portraits, and teaching is performed at home. It's easy immigrate but eventually the country needs its people.


  • It is said that people of art are detached from every day life and to some extent this helps them create

A painter, a musician must change something, based on the fact that he needs to meditate more, understand and read between the lines. Parallel world you build offers a refuge but of course all these deviations from reality must be reasonable. I myself have my world where I feel comfortable, but I am more realistic concerning life.


  • Right now I'm working on several portraits in which native people can be seen

Some of these paintings were ordered by clients, others are created by my own initiative, and maybe eventually I will be able to organize an exhibition. In the future I aim to make hundreds of artworks, being able to still amaze myself and perhaps work more than I do now. Art is very tough, if you let it go, it goes away. You must always keep up with the tendencies, come up with something new. Of course today's world has seen too much and it's hard to amaze, but as I mentioned earlier I like to jump higher than I am able to and I want to offer extraordinary works.