Oleg Sirghi: In order to get "the best" title, you must work hard

Master in International Class Sports, double European champion, best sportsman of 2013, all these and many other titles are held by one man

This story is about Oleg who is in sports since early childhood and does his best to amaze with his perseverance. His day begins with weightlifting and ends with weightlifting. The good results he has are achieved through intense training and also because of the support of the coach who believes in him. He loves Moldova and is convinced that home is the best place, a reason he refuses offers from abroad. On how the weightlifter thinks and feels, you will find out in the interview below.


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First name, last name: Oleg Sirghi
Date of birth: 09.07.1987
Place of birth: Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Education: State University of Physical Education and Sports, Specialty Trainer-Manager
Domain of activity: Sport
Achievements: Master in International Class sport, double European champion, best sportsman of 2013


  • To hold the title of "the best" one must work hard

Much more than you imagine. Every day is a struggle with yourself, with the fatigue you feel and the desire to give up everything. You are named the best when you become an example for others but in the same time you do not stop working on yourself. Sometimes it is about the talent but you cannot rely solely on this fact. Performances don’t come easy, they should be deserved, and more than that, victories must become a stimulus but not a "stop". Ambition and work finally make you the "best".


  • Daily trainings are very important in the life of an athlete

Muscle memory is spoken about in books, but in real life things are different. Performing about 10 trainings each week at least, sometimes it happens to me to go for a training even on Sunday because this is my nature. I'm used to face hardships and in order to overcome them one must always be prepared. Both in sports and in real life you must rely only on yourself, otherwise you risk being disappointed.


  • When asked what is more important: victory or participation, I have only one answer

Only victory and nothing less. The idea that if you do not win at least it is good to participate is just an excuse for those who fail in the field. It's impossible to train consecutive years to go to a competition and fail. Only the leading positions must become the supreme goal and not a step back must be taken. At least I do not imagine that after having prepared so much to finally come home defeated, this is nonsense. Participation is good, but victory is the real deal and the sense of the competition.


  • I'm happy with the way my career taking is going, yet there is a "but"

I want a big and united family. Also professionally I have not fulfilled everything I wanted, the next thing is the Olympic medal. There are people who have their dreams come true at any price. I want to believe that I have such a character knowing that the facts speak for themselves. I think if I chose another way I would necessarily get results. So am I, stubborn, overly ambitious, workaholic.


  • Speaking of the near future, I want the medal from the Olympic Games in 2016 in my collection

If next year weightlifting is included at European Games I want to be a champion, and only the first position. These are the objectives I must achieve shortly.