Petru Costin, the Moldovan who entered the Guinness Book

Our country is in a step by step process to know its heroes, people who became famous worldwide

Namely they became the soul cards for the Republic of Moldova, demonstrating that we do possess lots of values. In today's material we would like to present Mr. Petru Costin, a Moldovan who entered the Guinness Book for holding the most numerous collections of horseshoes in the world (3200 units). A unique performance with a global footprint was achieved by a citizen of Moldova. The way to the pinnacle of success has its own history, which I propose to be read below!
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  • File

First name, last name: Petru Costin
Date of birth: 18.05.1958
Place of birth: Selistea-Noua, Calarasi
Education: Faculty of Economics, PhD, Institute of History
Domain of activity: Social Affairs
Achievements: He is in the Guinness World Records for his collection of horseshoes, unique in the world. The record was set for 3200 pieces, dating from the XIV-XX


  • Beginnings of the collection…

My exhibitions and my work at the Customs Service of Moldova takes up all my time. More than four decades I collect objects, many of them possessing priceless historical value. My first collection was mad of pens, followed by pins, coins. Now I collect military uniforms, hats of the same category, medieval objects, Soviet medals, coins, icons etc. The process of collecting different objects inspired to be passionate about history. We had about 60 exhibitions outside the Republic of Moldova. I cannot but mention the support from the leadership of the Museum of Archaeology and History of Moldova, Moldovan Customs Service, Center for Culture and Military History, Museum of Ethnography and Natural History of Moldova.


  • Collections and exhibitions

By this time I have 20 collections, which I subsequently exposed during some important exhibitions. Some of these collections were even presented at the first Medieval Festival in Moldova (which took place during June 28th to June 29th this year). Old icons, horseshoes, work tools, weapons and medieval flags were exposed to the delight of the visitors of the Festival. Moreover, we presented the largest map of our country, made all from coins. Students of the Science Academy High School worked at its creation. They used 190,000 coins and the map area represented 64 m2. It is actually the largest map in the world, consisting only of coins.


  • I had my collections exhibited in Hungary, Poland, Romania

Based on an exhibition made in Hungary, there were stamps, postcards and envelopes issued in Moldova. It was the first international exhibition of the Republic of Moldova, which celebrated 650 years since the foundation of the Moldovan State. In Poland I presented 15 exhibitions in 15 cities.


  • The Guinness Book performance

The record I set, and to be more exact, to possess the biggest horseshoes collection came to my mind suddenly. As Moldova is an agricultural country, and the horse is the animal that performs almost all the field works, participates in the battles, determined me to be committed to start collecting horseshoes. Then the idea to apply for the Guinness World Records came. Originally I wanted to create a statue of horseshoes, but those in the Guinness Book responded that an American made a 1077 horseshoes statue and I had to follow the same principles of enforcement in order to break his record. After a while, I decided to apply for the record for the largest collection of horseshoes. Now, a few words on the map made from coins, after having finished this art work, we outlined it with horseshoes from my collection. That happened in May 2011. The oldest horseshoe from my collection is from the fourteenth century. All horseshoes are on the territory of our republic. I worked at this collection for 10 years and I am always looking for new horseshoes. I cannot but only thank the management of MSA, Mr. Gheorghe Duca for their support to this success!


  • Future collections

I want to write a book in the nearest future on military uniform collections, including a description of the officer, general or soldier who wore it. It's a difficult job, but an interesting one. I hope it becomes a successful project!