Clocks and Sergei Carastefan’s wooden details

"As a child I liked to work with wood and I loved mechanics" - states Serghei Carastefan who is a clockmaker master

That is why the mechanism of wall clocks produced by him are made from wood. This genial idea came to our craftsman by chance: he had to manufacture a detail in a short time and had at that time just a simple piece of plywood. The detail used within the mechanism proved to work pretty fine. Thus emerged the idea of manufacturing wooden mechanisms for clocks.



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Name, Surname: Serghei Carastefan
Date of birth: 27.07.1972
Place of birth: Chisinau
Domain: art
Achievement: creator of wall clocks working on wooden mechanisms


  • At first I did not succeed because wood is a living material

Even a perfect round cut detail dries up and accumulates water and therefore constantly changes its shape. I was consulted by many specialists, 80% of them told me that I would not succeed because the wood is unpredictable.


  • The clock mechanism is simple and has in itself no secret, being invented a long time ago

The design is very traditional also, I developed it myself based on minimalist principles - the simpler the design, the more attractive the final product becomes. The most important thing is the raw material the mechanism is made from because it is visible and is in fact not hidden within the clock box.

  • The mechanism of mechanical clocks reminds me of long forgotten clocks which used to hang on our grandparents’ walls

It is built based on a system of weights connected to suspended pendulums. The suspended weights are interconnected with other details and once a day these clocks must be turned on using a key. On the other hand, electronic clocks are much simpler. The pendulum mechanism works due to batteries and do not get worn out as fast as the battery charge lasts two months.


  • At one of the exhibitions some Italians showed interest towards my clocks

Before approaching them they had small conversations and made some calculations. Afterwards they told me they wanted to buy six clocks, "In Europe - they said - such watches are sold at price of 2,000 Euros or even are more expensive than that." I believe it is their own business to resell the clocks at a higher price. The price I sell a clock is 500 Euros.

  • Wall clocks with wooden mechanisms are not my only invention

Fireplace clocks, which are smaller than wall clocks, aroused the interest of a company that sells fireplaces. I have already produced 5 different types of fireplace clocks. Now I think about creating a single mechanism clock with needles; everything will be suspended on thin metal levers that are practically invisible. I also received an order from designers of a restaurant to create a clock of a 2x3 meter size.