Sorin Opait: I've just realized that "things got serious"

For more than seven years he settled in Lisbon with his family, but admits to love Chisinau and comes back with great joy on the streets of his childhood

Sorin Opait is a Moldavan model, who is super famous in Portuguese modeling world. For more than seven years he settled in Lisbon with his family, but admits to love Chisinau and comes back with great joy on the streets of his childhood. Thus, paying a visit to Chisinau, he found time to tell us about brands and magazines he had worked with, and also his great passion - photography.


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First name, last name: Sorin Opait
Date of birth: 23.03.1992
Place of birth: Chisinau
Education: Faculty of Photography
Domain of activity: Fashion
Achievements:  A successful model in Portugal and Italy, but less recognized in Moldova


  • I was 15 years old when Lisbon became my second home

There I did graduate the university. I cannot say that modeling was something I planned. I am passionate about photography, and signing my first contract with the agency "DXL Model" was a pleasant surprise which allowed me, in addition to studying, earn some money as well. At first I found it difficult to combine studies with casting and going on catwalks. I tried to dedicate all my time to the university. I have just realized that "things got serious".


  • I had the honor to work with such brands as: Prada, Alexander McQueen, Michael Bastian, Salsa, Gucci, Armani, Dior and many others

The most interesting photos-hootings were made for magazines like: ODD ISSUES, Vogue Portugal, Edit Magazine, UP. I must admit that the most memorable collaboration was with ODD ISSUES in fetish style. Thanks to the team who worked on the project, I had a lot of fun and the result an astounding one.


  • Each designer is a special character. Some people have good education and character, others are very aggressive

You should be more careful with the second category, as for them a model must be silent and be able to "sell" the brand one is clothed in. I enjoyed the most working with Michael Bastian. He is a very open person, and when he found out that I am originally from Moldova, he bombarded me with lots of questions about our country.


  • Observing the work of photographers at different shooting sessions gradually I became passionate about photography

I was interested to view the road of photography creation since a photographer presses the shutter button until the picture appears processed and retouched. I committed, therefore, to learn the art of photography.


  • Fashion View by Sorin Opait was my project as I graduated the Faculty of Photography

It is a book of more than 100 pages including photos made only with natural light and without being processed in studio or by appealing to graphics editors. A Moldovan woman, Daniela Hanganu, worked in this project as a model. Fashion View was a project of my soul. In Europe, the professionalism of the photographer is a serious matter. In Chisinau most photographers do not have studies in photography, while in Europe one must graduate a faculty in which, during three academic years, he must study all genres of photography.


  • Now that I got my diploma, I want to travel around the world

The first locations in my list are: Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles. This year will be very busy and that brings personally a lot of joy.

Although for 7 years I do not live here, Chisinau, still continues to draw me close. It has a special atmosphere, that cannot be found elsewhere than home.