Stas Oxanii: 6 million views on YouTube and a dream come true

It's pleasant when you think that "Humor is the gentle contemplation and the artistic expression to the absurdity of life"

Moldovan videoblogger Oxanii Stas is a living example who demonstrates this belief. By participating at the 18th edition of the annual WCOPA  actors’ game championship in Los Angeles, the young man known on the internet as Ordinary Stas, represented proudly our country. The competition was attended by 47 countries, which means more than 2000 participants in all categories.


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First name, last name: Stas Oxanii
Date of birth: 12.09.1995
Place of birth: Chisinau
Education: High school "Chiril and Metodii"
Domain of activity: Arts
Achievements: Champion in the acting world. Most popular videoblogger of Moldova, who also enters the list of the most popular videobloggers of RuNet community. He was awarded the Silver Button Youtube Award because he reached more than 100 thousand subscribers on his channel. Currently Stas has 170 thousand subscribers on its channel and more than 6 million views


  • Being a small child I dreamed to visit America, and it seemed impossible to get to Los Angeles - the center of the film industry, which makes me lose my mind

Emotions overwhelm me. Until the last moment I could not believe my eyes I see everything I dreamed of, and that in the same time I do not watch a movie or photos on Google. The most enjoyable moment was when I found the place which I several years looked at through my computer's webcam, in Chisinau - Venice Beach. For a moment I lost my gift of speech, when I realized I look at the same landscape, only this time not on a computer screen.

  • The contest lasted 10 days and began with the Nations’ Parade - this is an exceptional show in which the country representatives go dressed in colorful costumes

The contest was organized in three stages, according to the Olympic system of exclusion at each stage. In order to move to the next step it was necessary to accumulate 95 points out of 100. I participated as a comedian having 3 monologues in the following categories: Comical, Contemporary and Open. In the final, the last monologue in Comical Category passed, being titled: "Animal Planet in the Night Club", in which I tell the story that I like to watch "Animal Planet", but even more I like to watch people in a night club, because basically I do not see any difference.

Tonya Moon - the woman working with many comedians, immediately offered me to participate as a stand-up comedian in the shows of different clubs.


  • I won 2 grants for education

The first is NYFA in Los Angeles that occurs exactly in the Universal Studios (by the way, I wanted to get there since the age of 15 years). The second grant is NYCDA in New York. The problem is that these grants are not fully paid and now I am looking for a sponsor who could help me with the amount of money uncovered by the grant and begin the studies. If somehow my sponsor will read this article please contact me via email:


  • As I plan to return in Chisinau I still plan to take care of my YouTube channel “Типичный Стас” ("Ordinary Stas") that already counts 170,000 subscribers and more than 6 million views

I also have some proposals from the studios of Russia, but for now this information is confidential. My manager Anna Onica-Judah moves on with the negotiations with agencies from Los Angeles.

I honestly believe that there are not people in this world without a sense of humor. Each has his specific humor, so that’s why we spend our free time in the company of those people who understand our jokes. Do not be afraid to make jokes.