Svetlana Lenivteva: Competion is a small life

The desire to have a sporty body motivated Svetlana to go to world championships

Today she is the absolute champion from Moldova in bikini fitness category, a personal trainer and a caring mother.


  • File

First name, last name: Svetlana Lenivteva
Date of birth: 22.09.1984
Place of birth: Bender
Education: Bender Technical College, specialty clothing modeling and construction; State University of Physical Education and Sport, Physical Education Recreation specialty
Domain of activity: Sport
Achievements:  Won the silver medal at the championships in bodybuilding


  • Early career

The desire to be a sportswoman appeared when I was 14, when I was in 7th grade. By that age I was not fond of other activities. In the beginning I had the desire to have a sporty and a beautiful body. I started going to the gym and then it became my basic interest.


  • The style of presentations

I participate in championships in bikini fitness category. This category does not include a specific program; it is just walking on the stage and photoshooting. There is no need for a special training, you just have to refine all pictures, gestures and smile. Another important point is to establish eye contact with the public.


  • Victories and defeats

The first competition I attended was held in Ilyichevsk, Ukraine, in 2005. I was the 3rd place, but I cannot recall any of my emotions in detail. What I remember is that I was very happy because I got the bronze medal.

Obviously, there were presentations that I had failed, for example in the Eastern Europe Championship I came on the last place in my category, but I was not disappointed. My goal at that time was not the victory, but my participation in the championship. This defeat had a strong impact on me, that is why I had a 5 years-break. When I had returned, I was already in a different shape and I switched from body fitness to bikini fitness category.

To this present day I'm nervous when I get on stage. The competition is a mini life that must be lived in bright colors. In this context, I can say I had the most impressive performances during World Championships. It was like a beautiful dream!


  • Awards

Double champion of Odessa in body fitness
Moldova body fitness champion 2005
Odessa Region champion in bikini fitness category
One of the finalists of the World Championship 2013
Silver medal winner of World Cup Championship 2014
Absolute champion of Moldova in bikini fitness category 2014


  • Purposes and principles

Firstly, I have to believe in myself, I know what I want and where to go. And of course I need to believe in my friends and family who support me: my mother, my sister, my husband and people I work with.

I want and maintain myself in a good shape and participate in various tournaments and championships, in cities where I have never been. And of course I want to become a good example for my child and other children.


  • Working as a coach

When I was 19 y.o. I started working as a coach. Now I am working as a personal trainer at Energy Fitness.


  • Sources of inspiration

If sport is a lifestyle, then it can’t be boring. Physical exercises are part of my daily regime. My body requires training and effort; I don’t need inspiration to do that.


  • Consideration I receive and my fans

I'm not flattered for being appreciated by men. Fame is an attempt, an award and a great responsibility. At first it's difficult, then you get used to it, but you do not have the right to relax.


  • Favorite Quotes

"Act brave and don’t use excuses!"
"Don’t think about how to become stronger! Act!"
"Who truly desires something - looks for the opportunities, who doesn’t – looks for rationalization."
"Exercises can replace many medications, but no medication can replace exercises."
"Small changes bring big changes."
"Don’t give up! No one besides you can make you stronger!"