Traian Veliksar: life seen through karate lens

He is the best in his field; this is why he was invited to participate in the "150 Moldovans" Project

Traian has practiced karate for 18 years. For the last 12 years it was his profession. He leads the Moldovan branch of the International Organization for Kyokushinkai Karate and is a karate coach of the Moldovan National Team. He is the best in his field; this is why he was invited to participate in the "150 Moldovans" Project. And people like him always have a story to be told.


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First name, last name: Traian Veliksar
Date of birth: 18.01.1972
Place of birth: Chisinau
Education: higher education in Sports
Domain of activity: Sport
Achievements:  Businessman, Participant la al 5-lea Campionat Mondial de Karate Kyokushin (IKO1) 26.04.2013, Japonia


  • First of all, I am the child of my beloved parents

The simple fact that they are men of science did not hinder me choose my own path in life. Any pressure on me on their behalf would have caused only a personal negative reaction. When I was 9 years old my father sent me to the sports department. It was the early '80s, karate was banned in the USSR, and any attempts to teach karate unofficially were punished according to criminal law. Therefore, I started to practice judo. As time passed by, I achieved good results in this type of martial arts. I got to the point to get many awards, being one of Moldovan sportsmen to achieve great results in international competitions. In 1997, I started practicing karate, which was legalized at that time.

I have a negative attitude towards children who having not achieved serious results in a type of sport, start experimenting with other domains without understanding the core challenges of the sport they practice. Superficial knowledge causes a superficial attitude towards life. Only parents can teach their children what patience is.


  • Karate has a long time been my hobby

In the same time, besides karate, I practiced other sports activities. In 2002 I gathered a group of students and I organized trainings for them. In 2012 I became the head of Moldovan branch of the International Organization for Kyokushinkai Karate. Not every country in which Kyokushinkai Karate is practiced has a branch chief. This function means more responsibilities: training a large number of students, organizational skills, ability to establish contact with sponsors and authorities in order for that country to be represented at international competitions, held under the auspices of the International Kyokushinkai Karate Organization. Besides this, the head of branch should have at least the second dan (master's degree). Today I possess the third dan, which corresponds to the status of "Sensei" (this is the way a teacher is called in Japan). When a hobby consumes more and more time, it becomes your job.


  • I do not think national affiliation plays a role in achieving success

Character, environment, teachers influence the success of an athlete more than his origin does. Most often winning places at the world championships in Kyokushinkai Karate are occupied by the Japanese. But this can only be explained by the fact that in Japan, karate is a traditional martial art. They have a large and a strong school, and in fact, the selection for the national team is made up of hundreds of thousands of people. But on the other hand, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Brazilian schools also are very good and it is already a known fact that increasingly non-Japanese fighters reach the  top places.


  • Kyokushinkai Karate fight is a "full contact" sport

You may be severely injured. During fights, trauma is reduced to bruises. Any contact sport is traumatic – that may be fighting, boxing, karate or football. But there are types of sports, I mean non-combat sports, which are much more dangerous. For example: gymnastics or horse riding. As a rule, the most dangerous trauma that athletes receive is during training, not competition. This is the result of incorrect attitude towards training when coaches, in pursuit of results sacrifice the health of his students, subjecting them to too much effort which is beyond their capacity. Or even athletes themselves, desiring a result in a short time are ready to follow any path, including the administration of stimulating preparations. In my opinion, this is a deviation from the path of martial arts. The way of the warrior firstly means saying no to your own ego.


  • Having reached a certain level of mastery in karate, I lost my interest to apply it in everyday life

The paradox is that once you develop certain skills, you have no desire to apply them. Even in situations when your nerves are like strings, karate helps you view your inadequate opponent as an innocent child and have the right attitude towards him. In the animal world, aggression is a manifestation of fear, or a reaction towards fear. In human society everything is the same. Therefore, when a man is not afraid, he does not create an aggression environment around him.


  • You do not have to practice karate in order to be interested in Asian philosophy

For example poetry of Omar Khayyam and Rumi, Roerich's paintings or engravings of Hokusai are available to anyone. Due to the works of these artists, people ask existential questions. There is a final station on our way to truth. A wise man will never say "I found the absolute truth”. This is why I try to fix the wrong things I see in me. In ancient times, Japanese samurai warriors were prepared for death since childhood. Wrestlers who understand the idea of inevitable death are free from the temptation of loving material things, which might destroy their honor and dignity. Most young contemporary men are far from these moral values and are focused on consumerism. It is, in fact frightening, when you think that they will come to an end without understanding what they were born for.


  • Even yesterday I was thinking on the fact that I am a happy man

Everything I dream of becomes a reality. It is probably because I thank heavens for what I have. Today my dream is to see my children becoming people of honor, students winning awards in competitions and each of them  go beyond what they had not yet had success at, people around me being happy for what they have and dear to me people being healthy and gathered together. It will be only then when all people are not envious. I would like our politicians to sincerely desire the prosperity of the country. If 10 people interested in the same subject act together, they should find a compromise. They will do their best if they have a common goal!