Victoria Novac - about EduJoc, social business and Moldovan Lego

A child can always teach an adult three things: how to be happy for no specific reason, never stay still and how to press on what he wants

For this reason we decided to get acquainted with Victoria Novac, founder of EduJoc project that offers the most exciting educational games.


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First name, last name: Victoria Novac
Date of birth: 27.06.1990
Place of birth: Chisinau
Education: Upper SNSPA, UBB
Domain of activity: Social Affairs
Achievements: Founder of Edujoc project, that creates interactive and educative toys


  • EduJoc is a social business model

We are focused on social impact and solutions to the problems, children, mothers and teachers face and less on profit. When I was a student in Cluj and Igor Hancu was an engineer, I attended a seminar where we had the opportunity to know more about social entrepreneurship. Thus I learned how we can follow our dreams and passions while helping society.


  • EduJoc began as a pilot-project

For half a year I have studied the market, I have brought in Romania educational games and have invited children and mothers to test them. Mothers satisfied with the result, encouraged us to continue our work. EduJoc LLC was opened in late 2012. I started to promote the concept of education through playing on social sites, then we launched the online store After a year of activity we have won the national business plan competition and having the prize money we were able to purchase a van. It is designed specifically and can be found in Ciocana, Chisinau.


  • Initially we started importing toys from Romania, China, France, Germany, Canada

Yet the most important step for us was to launch our own collection of games, made in Moldova. We identified a workshop, then I started working with two other workshops and currently we are working with three workshops. We are very receptive and try to make all children’s dreams come true. Our mission is to give every child the chance to have at least one learning toy in their house. We want to raise a generation of intelligent and creative children, the EduJoc generation.


  • The most interesting part of our work is testing laboratories for toys

Each item that was imported or manufactured by us is necessarily tested by children. This helps us realize how this toy helps, what qualities it develops, how a child reacts, what age it is suitable for. We started a teaching program for centers and kindergartens, where we present principles of organization of educational activities aimed towards thinking development using wooden blocks! We go to the centers, kindergartens and educational institutions absolutely for free in various regions of our country and in addition to that, we bring with us an expert, materials, blocks of wood and a lot of love.


  • The most desirable toy is a huge toy, we call Moldovan Lego

When we decided to open a store we asked ourselves on how we could place and build it? We wanted our shelves to be unique, just like our toys. Thus, after a brainstorming attended by our entire team, we came up with this universal Lego toy that allows the creation of different „mobility” forms.


  • Our team consists of three designers

Currently we are working with Michael Stamati on a new collection of toys called "The Farm". Here the toys make a puzzle, thus children understand that in order to get to play with the cow toy, they must build it. All our toys are aimed to develop the child’s intellect since his early years and we, therefore, make sure that the toys we sell are consistent with their age, temperament and needs. It's great to offer age-appropriate toys to children.