Vladimir Lorcenkov: The most talented writer in Moldova

Moldovan writer Vladimir Lorcenkov without excess of modesty is considered the most talented writer, if not in the world, then certainly in Moldova

Of course, his words can be questioned, but increased interest for his books in Russia, Italy, Germany, Norway, France, USA and other countries confirms this.


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First name, last name: Vladimir Lorcenkov
Date of birth: 14.02.1979
Place of birth: Chisinau
Education: Moldova State University, Faculty of Journalism
Domain of activity: Arts
Achievements:  Author of more than 10 novels, which were published in Italy, Germany, France, Finland, Russia, USA, Norway, Serbia, etc.


  • Like all children, I dreamed to become an astronaut

To marry the primary school teacher in the Telegrad town (Hungary), to participate in the Third World War in the USSR heavy artillery, to be severely injured, but be treated and I enjoy the attention of nurses in a Soviet military hospital, somewhere in Paris.


  • I started writing when I was 14 years old

I became a genuine writer when I was 20. Probably, as I remember, my first book was a long story. For my first successful novel - "Хора на выбывание” (Choir Shoutout) - I received the "Debut" prize. Then I wrote other novels. And I continued to do so.


  • I have written around 30 books. 20 of them are good, 5-6 of them are masterpieces

Writing a book takes 2 months to half a year. The mechanism of creation of the book does not depend on me. Books are a representation of reality seen through the lens of the writer. As long as there are writers and there is the world around them there will be books to be written.


  • The writer must do his best, have a rock hard bottom, develop his patience and have nerves of steel

Writing a book is just like demonstrating a theory or leading a military campaign within a few years. A real writer must be well done, medium height with brown eyes. His height should be 170 cm. He must be passionate about boxing, weightlifting, swimming and good literature. It would be nice if his first name was Vladimir Vladimirovich. His last name could be Nabokov, but could also be Lorcenkov.

  • When I am asked whether I consider myself talented, unambiguously my answer is that I do not think I'm talented, I actually am

But I do not feel special about that, for every person on the planet is talented.


  • In 2014 I left Chisinau and went to live in Montreal

I find it somehow difficult to say I left it. We do not live in 1950, when immigration was considered a no return way, while  people were travelling in a container and partying as if they went to a new world they never heard of, lacking elementary communication possibilities. I was offered the right to settle in Quebec and decided to go to see how it is to live there. We live in an open world, in the era of globalization. Frankly I do not care where I live. The writer is a citizen of the country he created in his mind. He is the dictator of this country, its only revolutionary man, an evil character, a holy character or its own people. The main criteria of estimating someone’s love for his country is his real actions, not words. Words are costless and worthless. Evaluation criterion of someone’s love for his country, as I understand it, is paying taxes. I do not ask myself any longer what it would be like if I were to return home. 10 years ago I would find it difficult to imagine that I would be where I am now. Moldova is not the worst country in the world. If I am to talk about the living standards of the population of this planet, Moldovans have an average living standard. Many countries live worse, being much poorer and being fearful about their lives as Afghanistan, Iraq, countries from Africa are... I love Moldova and I owe Moldova a lot. I owe Moldova at least for the books I have written.