Discover 150 success stories of several anonymous Moldovans

They are talented and have formidable achievements, it is just only that they have not been extensively propagated and promoted

They are talented and have formidable achievements, it is just only that they have not been extensively propagated through the media and intensely promoted. Their work kept a low profile, letting the facts speak, not the words. Nevertheless, to show the whole world that our country has people to be proud of and that there are life examples that could inspire anyone, three interesting people and talent “hunters” have plunged into a daring project - in which they will present 150 successful Moldovans, but who are less known. 


Elena Ganciucova, journalist, Eugen Boico, CEO of General Publicis Moldova and Veaceslav Cebotari, Associate, Customer Director of Publicis Moldova took the pledge to find those people beautiful through the talent and work they possess, so that we would be shown true role models. Mobiasbanca – Groupe Société Générale joined them as a partner and supporter of this unique project.


Veaceslav Cebotari says, “With the support of Mobiasbanca we aim to discover Moldova’s talents, people who have achievements both at home and abroad. We will search for those who made a name for themselves through their dedication, but who remained yet in the shadows. I am convinced that we have distinguished Moldovans and this project is a good opportunity to promote them. Our compatriots who usually are very modest prefer their work to talk for them, but they do not always manage to share their achievements with more people. I thank the team of Mobiasbanca for being receptive and ready to support us in everything we do for that matter”. 

Elena Ganciucova states, “We as a nation have special people, but very little promoted. We will present every week two success stories and we encourage the readers of allmoldova portal to write us about successful personalities, whom many people do not know. More than that, there will be filmed 15 videos with personalities, each member of the team working on each four of them, and three of them being conducted by all our team. Outstanding people like Alexandru Balan, a Moldovan who invented the anti-explosion and anti-aircraft trauma device or Tudor Zbirnea, Director of Moldova National Museum of Arts deserve to be promoted”.       

Eugen Boico reveals, “Moldova has offered the whole world several scientists, artists, but also singers who became big names, but remain insufficiently known in our country. For example, Andrew Rayel’s talent – a young and remarkable musician who makes our country known to millions of young people worldwide. I think the first step of appreciating these people Moldavians is to make them known. This is the objective of this project”. 

This project is implemented by Publicis Moldova & supported by Mobiasbanca - Groupe Société Générale.