150 de Moldoveni

It was during a year that Alex Magala became the finalist of 3 TV shows: "America's Got Talent", "Italy's Got Talent" and "Минута Славы" in which he was awarded the main prize

One of the most widely read bloggers of RuNet lives in Chisinau. Sergei Uzun’s stories are read by thousands of users from different countries

Natalia became the ambassador of our cinema, demonstrating the truth of Miron’s Costin great words “There are people born in Moldova too”

Everyone thinks that the process of creating a film is a far more responsible activity, but who then is to make cartoons?

Music and enthusiasm were vital ingredients for Silvia Tabor’s dream, Montreal Intercultural Orchestra conductor

Being born in Gura Galbenei Village, Cimislia, Victoria loved this stringed instrument since primary school

Our country is in a step by step process to know its heroes, people who became famous worldwide

Livyka Shtirbu-Sokolov is a young pianist from Moldova who partnered with this instrument since the age of six and a half

As anyone knows about Chisinau Circus and its history, we found out that there is a circus group who activates in Taul Village, Donduseni, and in fact they directly compete with circus people from Chisinau Circus