European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is an international financial institution owned by 64 states and 2 intergovernmental institutions (the European Union and the European Investment Bank).

So far, EBRD made investments in the Republic of Moldova of about 900 million euros in the field of energy, transport, agribusiness, general industry and banking sector, within 105 investment projects, out of which 46% covered the private sector.

The partnership between Mobiasbanca and EBRD was launched in 1996, when one of the first cooperation agreements between a commercial bank from Moldova and an international financial institution was signed. The experience of coopering with EBRD was developed year by year within various projects aiming to support Moldovan companies dealing with import and export activities (Trade Facilitation Program) and to finance the activities of the small, medium and micro enterprises (Senior Loan, MSME).

Since 2013, Mobiasbanca became an active participant within the Moldovan Sustainable Energy Financing Facility by signing 4 agreements with EBRD in a total amount of 17,5 million euros on granting credits to economic agents (MoSEFF credit line) and to individuals (MoREEFF credit line), meant to contribute to the implementation of investments into renewable energy sources, projects aimed at reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as the renovation of the residential sector, with the possibility of receiving grants of 20% (MoSEFF) or maximum 35% (MoREEFF). In February 2014, Mobiasbanca became the first partner of EBRD in the Republic of Moldova within the program of non-financed risk sharing (MCFF).