Client-Banca system

Dear clients,

we inform you that starting from 04.02.2019 the Client-Banca service is not available for subscripion any more. We invite you to connect to new remote banking service - Business Internet Banking!


Efficient management of the banking operations

Client-Banca service represents a tool of current accounts’ management, which allows you to establish a permanent connection with the bank and perform a wide range of operations with no need to visit our bank units.

Client-Banca system is a technical application with complex functionalities, installed on your computer (automated transactional remote banking system, type – pc-payments) that reflects a perfect solution for your business.

Benefits of the product:

  • Less costs – reduced commissions for performed operations than those applied for operations performed in front-office
  • No waste of time – avoiding the necessity to visit a bank unit and standing in the bank queue in front-offices
  • Control of the account and banking operations – obtaining completed information regarding these aspects, needed in order to  develop companies’ activity
  • Easy to use – mobility, rapidity, interfacing with accounting systems
  • Comfortable and security in using banking operations – it is assured data confidentially and the transactions’ integrity by using the electronic signature 

Through Client-Banca you can:

  • Make payment operations in lei performing transfers in between customers’ accounts, in favour of commercial partners and state institutions
  • Obtain information needed to perform yours banking and accounting activity, consulting account’s balance, processed transactions, account statements for current accounts opened at the Bank
  • Make foreign exchange operations using permanently actualised exchange rates (inclusively foreign exchange conversion operations)
  • Make payment operations in foreign currency in favour of external partners, in accordance with valid legal stipulations. 

Additionally you benefit of a rapid possibility to make salary payments and card business accounts’ supplying. 

Support Service of Remote Banking 

You benefit of technical support on the working days of the bank (Monday – Friday), between 9:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m., dialing +373 (22) 812-345 or sending a help request on the .md.

Assistance for following domains:

  • installing application on computer
  • generating electronic signatures
  • eliminating errors appeared in the processing of creating/signing/sending electronic documents 

Available schedule of the automated remote banking system Client-Banca

Execution of the electronic documents is realized on the working days of the bank (Monday – Friday), between 9:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. According to this, in order to avoid inconveniences created by refusing of processing documents which were sent out of specified time interval, you are kindly asked to be maximum vigilant while sending electronic documents taking into consideration the hour and date of creating/sending/execution of the document.

Optional service

In case you want to benefit from advantages of the Client-Banca Service, you may apply for Products’ Packages offered by the Bank. In this way, you will have the possibility to benefit of a wide range of baking products and services, as well as preferential tariffs for operations performed through Client-Banca system and other products included in the package.

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Recently, international experts have found critical vulnerabilities in the systems of data transmission over the Internet worldwide. BC “Mobiasbanca - Groupe Société Générale” S.A. cares about its customers, seeking to protect their data. For this purpose, as well as to reduce the risk of data loss, the bank will block the systems and protocols that may be affected by these vulnerabilities. To continue using Client-Bank through the site, you need to disable the SSL protocol to the browser (eg. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.) and enable TLS protocol in accordance with the guide. For technical support, please contact Support for Client-Bank by telephone +373 (22) 812-345.


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