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Business Internet Banking service will cease its activity, from April 1, 2022

Unlimited access

to bank accounts

Increased safety

in use

Save time

and comfort

Business Internet Banking service will cease its activity, from April 1, 2022. In order to continue to benefit from the remote services of your accounts, we urge you to use the OTP Internet and Mobile Banking application. Learn more here.

The Business Internet Banking service is an automated Internet-Payments remote banking service system, which offers the possibility to perform a full spectrum of banking operations in conditions of full security and remotely.

Your advantages

  • Real-time management of bank accounts and operations
  • Increased security - access to the service and authorization of transactions is done by using One Time Password (OTP)
  • 24/7 accessibility from any computer with internet connection
  • Mobility and simplicity in using the application
  • Possibility to customize the rights assigned to employees, users of the service
  • Discounts of up to 33% on transfers in national currency initiated through the Business Internet Banking service compared to the costs of the operations performed at the bank's counters on paper
  • Specialized assistance and support.


Viewing information ONLINE

  • For current accounts (balance, account locks, etc.)
  • For term deposit / savings accounts (balance, opening date, maturity, interest, etc.)
  • For attached business card accounts (balance, blockages, set limits, expenses per attached card, etc.)
  • For credit accounts (balance, unused amount, interest, payment amount, arrears, maturity, etc.)
  • At other credit facilities (bank guarantees, ceiling contracts)
  • View transaction processing status
  • Account transaction reports
  • Electronic bank statements signed by the Bank
  • Exchange rates
  • Graphically perceived statistical information consultation

Making transactions *

Payments in national currency

  • online transfers between customer accounts to third parties within the Bank
  • Scheduled payments, multiple payments
  • Management of payment order templates, lists of national beneficiaries of the company

Payments in foreign currency

  • Online transfers between customer accounts within the Bank
  • Management of payment order templates, Lists of foreign beneficiaries of the company
  • Foreign exchange operations at the standard or negotiable rate

Operations in the Salary Project contract

  • payment of salaries
  • management of company employee lists

* The bank will accept for processing the operations in case all the legal norms in force will be observed

Opening accounts / products

  • Opening current accounts with or without interest
  • Opening term deposits, savings
  • Opening accounts for card transactions
  • Issuing / re-issuing Business cards and regenerating the related PIN codes

Other functionalities

  • Secure messaging for communication with the Bank
  • Updating and transmitting the Company's contact details
  • Centralized management of settings for users within the company (access, control of operations performed, etc.)
  • Upload and download accounting files in various formats

How can you benefit from this service?

Remote accession

To join remotely it is enough to:

1. Download the application for accession and fill in the shaded fields in gray,
2. Apply the signature and stamp on the application for accession and send the scanned color copy to the email address: business.support@mobiasbanca.md

The authentication method applicable in the case of remote access and the authorization of initiated transactions will be performed through the Mobias Token mobile application, which can be downloaded directly to your smartphone (Android or iOS).

At the branch

For accession at the bank's branches it is necessary to:

  1.  Come at the Management Branch,
  2. Provide your Advisor with the information you need to connect to the Business Internet Banking service and authenticate your Accession Application,
  3. Receive Token devices (if you have chosen them).

The authentication method applicable in the case of Accession at the Branch and the authorization of initiated transactions will be performed through the Mobias Token mobile application, which can be downloaded directly to your smartphone (Android or iOS), or the Token device.

Do you need more information?

Security Information

  • Encrypted data exchange. The transmission of information between Mobiasbanca - OTP Group JSC and the users of the BIB service is performed encrypted, through SSL (Secure Soket Layer) technology.
  • Secure authentication Identify users by access codes: user code, access password, unique passwords (OTP) and PIN code to Token. Token - an electronic device / mobile application that generates unique passwords (OTP) for access, as well as for the authorization of transactions made through the BIB service.
  • Single Password (OTP) - is a Time-based Password (60 sec.) that can be used only once. Each time you need to log in or validate a transaction, you will generate a new unique password. Access to the service is restricted after 5 erroneous authentication attempts.
  • Automatic logout. The service automatically shuts off after a short period of inactivity (30 min.)

Security recommendations

  • Access the Business Internet Banking service by typing the URL business.mobiasbanca.md in the dedicated field in the browser. Always check that:
  • the "padlock" icon is displayed at the top right / left of the browser page. Accessing the "padlock" icon allows you to verify the authenticity of the service's web page (the fact that you are on the official page of the service and not one cloned by a criminal).In the window that opens after clicking this icon must be indicated - business.mobiasbanca.md;
  • URL needs to start with https: // (please write the letter "s" after http).
  • Choose to use the BIB service on your personal computer using a constantly updated operating system and antivirus solution;
  • Be careful when using a public computer (internet cafes, educational institutions, airport, etc.) to carry out transactions and in no case respond to messages asking you to save access codes;
  • Do not write or write down access codes (user code, access password, and token PIN) or save them to your computer.;
  • Change your passcodes (access password and token PIN) frequently and indicate a different one than the last one you used. The bank recommends that you change your access codes at least twice a year;
  • If you suspect that someone else has access to your password, you need to change it immediately;
  • If suspicious transactions are detected, inform the bank immediately;
  • Do not respond to web messages / phone calls requesting personal or financial information, which may be from the bank or another institution. The Bank will never send, under any circumstances, web / email / telephone error messages requesting confidential access data for the BIB service. If such a situation arises, inform the bank immediately;
  • Do not leave your computer unattended when it is connected to the BIB service;
  • Click the "exit" button and close the browser after logging out of the BIB.

Support Service

Technical and informational support is provided by the BIB service. Support, from Monday to Friday, between 08: 30-17: 30: business.support@mobiasbanca.md

Tel: +373 22 812-555

  • Token support (device and application)
  • Support for locking User or Token access, 24/7
  • Support for unlocking User or Token access
  • Support for unlocking the signature type
  • Support for generating the (additional) Access Password
  • Support in using the Business Internet Banking service
  • Request information related to the settings of Users in the service
  • Request to change data related to the service administrator within the company