Mortgage EUR

Mortgage loan for real estate purchasing and construction

Minimum credit value: 1 EUR
Maximum credit value: 1000000 EUR
Minimum credit period: 12 Months
Maximum credit period: 240 Months


Monthly from sum: 0%
Monthly fixed commision: 0%
Monthly commision from sold: 0.1%
Annual from sum: 0%
Annual from sold: 0%
Granting fee (fixed): 0%
Granting fee: 1%


The calculation made through loan calculator is indicative and has no contractual value.

Annual effective rate (AER) is established in following conditions:

  • the loan is drawn immediately and totally
  • the loan will be reimbursed according to indicated schedule
  • the interest rate and other charges will remain fixed in relation to the initial level and will be applied during the entire loan term.

Additionally, the client will cover the expenses related to insurance of the property or of other goods proposed as pledge.

The repayment schedule is an exemplificative one, calculated based on standard interest rates. The final interest rate can be different and is it approved depending on certain predetermined criteria and special available offers. For more details, please contact your personal advisor or Contactell service, 022 256 456.