Internship at Mobiasbanca

Turn your internship into an opportunity!

We know how important the support is when a person makes the first steps in their professional training, that’s why Mobiasbanca gives you an opportunity to carry on your internship within our team of professionals, who will teach you to apply the knowledge you got at the higher educational establishment.

If you study any economic or technical speciality at a university from our country or abroad, have high academic performances, are characterised by team spirit, are full of energy and have bold plans you want to realise, then come to our team.

Send us a CV supported by a letter of interest to, in order to get an internship in the Mobiasbanca team. You will receive a response to your request, depending on availability of positions at that or another moment.


Trainees Generation Summer 2018

Iuliana Golub
Bocconi University, International Economics and Finance
Valeria Scutelnic
Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
I made this choice being attracted by the values promoted by Mobiasbanca and its impeccable image on the banking market of the Republic of Moldova. In particular, I appreciated the initiative born from the collaboration of Mobiasbanca, EBRD and the European Union to launch the EU4Business credit line, which involves so many advantages for the local economy.
I am sure that the internship program at Mobiasbanca  was a very good start for my career, because, indeed, it operates according to European standards and rigor.
Following my internship I have acquired new communication skills with clients, and my way of thinking has become more constructive and pro-active. It is very important to understand correctly your preferences and to provide an effective and secure solution to each requirement. Here I have learned to be happy for the success of my clients and to help them achieve their aspirations. I am convinced that at Mobiasbanca I can achieve my most important objective – take new steps in the career.”
Employed as OGU, Icam Branch No. 2
Daniela Pelin
Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
Liliana Ticu
Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
I was very fortunate and I had the pleasure to be part of the team of Corporate Clients and Local Authorities Department , who received me with great warmth and positive emotions. Being next to them I really understood what team spirit means, how to overcome the difficulties and how to capitalize on the accumulated knowledge. I have learned a lot and I have more to learn. It is a great advantage to professionally and personally develop  in such a team.”
Employed as Analyst, Corporate Clients and Local Authorities Department
Mobiasbanca is one of the few banks that place information on internships. That is how I managed to run for an internship here and I have received immediately an answer . I encourage students to send their CVs for an internship at Mobiasbanca, because they will quickly acquire the skills and knowledge they need to be a very good specialist. Thank you for your chance and for your confidence! It matters a lot to me.”
Employed as Customer Reception Counselor,  Ciocana Branch no. 3
Alexandru Lungu 
State University of Moldova
Ion Cucias 
Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
I have selected potential employers with visions corresponding to my values, and Mobiasbanca is at the top of the options. Being a prestigious bank, I felt that I needed to try to achieve my aspirations – to learn and to be trained as a good specialist by valuable professionals. 
It is true that it is a great opportunity to be part of the Mobiasbanca team and I continue to enjoy every working day with my colleagues.” 
Employed as Operational Analyst, Customer Service Processing Center
In my opinion, Mobiasbanca  is the best bank in Moldova. Being part of an international group inspires confidence. The internship at Mobiasbanca helped me to apply in practice my knowledge acquired at the academy, but also to learn a lot. By seeing the team spirit and the professionalism of my colleagues, it was natural that the hiring at this bank would turn into an objective I have already achieved.”
Employed as Corporate Middle Officer, Department of Large Corporate
Axenia Samocrainaia    

”At the end of the internship in the Department of Communications and Quality, I more than ever understand that it has a special role and place for my future career. During this time, I had the opportunity to participate in the implementation of projects relating to internal and external communication, visual identification and promotion. I managed to understand how the department works and what are the goals of the communications manager. These are the aspects with which you need to resonate and need to test them. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the team. 

It was an experience that convinced me even more that I had chosen my professional field correctly.”


Trainees Generation Summer 2017

"My internship at Mobiasbanca was a useful experience that resulted in acquisition of new knowledge and skills. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to become a part of your team.”   "My internship at Mobiasbanca was an unforgettable experience that allowed me to discover the banking sector through a rather different prism. There I found out how a bank operated and, what was very important for me, how the client relations worked. I got acquainted with new persons,who always gave me guidance and helped me to learn. I am very grateful to you.
Mihaela Cirnici
Lille 1 University, France
  Andrei Arama
Toulouse 1 University Capitole, France


"I had a professional, warm and amiable team that unconditionally supported me, during my internship at the Communication and Quality Department. I perceived that I was a part of the team, and learnt new things. Thank you, Mobiasbanca!”   "I think that summer internships are such a part of student’s life that teach us the most and that make us draw the most important conclusions. The entity of your internship may have a huge influence on you but I made certain that Mobiasbanca was a right choice. Thank you, Mobiasbanca!”
Alexandrina Olari
LCC International University, Klaipeda, Lithuania
  Eugeniu Papuha
Stockholm School of Economics, Riga, Latvia


"I return to France, to my studies, being pleasantly surprised by the amiability and professionalism of the Mobiasbanca team, in which I had my first working experience in the Republic of Moldova. Such experience will stick in my memory for ever. Grand merci, Mobiasbanca!”    
Aurelia Puscas
ICN Business School, Metz, France