Contactell Service – your bank at a phone call distance

Contactell Service is a "remote banking" service, oriented for individuals – both clients and non-clients, allowing benefiting for a wide range of banking services through a phone call.

Contactell Service is available 24/7 at phone number 022 256-456, or

Functionalities offered by Contactell Service:

  • General functionalities for clients and non-clients
    • to obtain general information about the Mobiasbanca offer on loans, deposits, cards, etc.;
    • to set a meeting with an adviser in the bank’s branch;
    • to obtain confirmation of the transfers received through money transfer systems used by Mobiasbanca (Western Union, Banco Popolare, etc.);
    • to make a pre-analysis on the possibility of receiving a loan from the bank.
  • Functionalities available only for bank’s clients (in addition to general features)*
    • to report the lost/stolen card and to lock its content;
    • to request the card unlocking;
    • to obtain information on products and services hold by the client in the bank;
    • to request an account statement by e-mail;
    • to request modification of client’s personal data from bank’s database.


  • Accessibility - the service is available 24/7;
  • Zero cost - all functionalities included in the service are absolutely free;
  • Time saving - client doesn’t need to come to the branch and stay in a queue;
  • Privacy and safety - offering information on accounts hold in the bank will be preceded by the client’s authentication;
  • Convenience - to consult general functionalities is not necessary to sign the application for the Service.

*available only after signing the application for Contactell Service at the bank’s branch.