Mobiasbanca stands by special children

During the Citizen Commitment Week 2011 campaign, held in all subsidiaries of Societe Generale Group, Mobiasbanca chose to stand by children from auxiliary boarding school from Grinauti, Ocnita. In this school study 120 children of 7-16 years old with mental disabilities (orphans or from poor families).

Within a week, with volunteer involvement of employees and the bank support have been collected toys, CDs and DVDs of movies and cartoons, books, games. Also have been purchased a TV-set, video recorder, a music center and a DVD player - all to help to the equipment of a game room, where children could spend time and watch cartoons, to listen music and to play. All children like watching cartoons!

We went to this boarding school, where children and director, Mr. Veaceslav Denciuc met us with a lot of joy. A lot of children had had to stay in the summer vacation at the boarding school because clearly reasons.

It's amazing the care of teachers of this school who have the greatest mission - to teach them to cope independently in life. In this school children have the opportunity to learn a profession: girls – at the workshop, where they are trained to sew, to knit.... and boys in workshop of wood and pottery. All children know how to enjoy the gifts, but these children have shown that joy may be at superlative level. The ordinary things for ordinary children can seem special for some special kids.

These children smile, enjoy and their sincerity is impressive. We know that only together we can achieve great things and we can give to these children more hope and encouragement! We stand by them!