Mobiasbanca – Groupe Société Générale has opened a new agency in the centre of Hincesti

Today Mobiasbanca has opened a new agency in Hincesti – agency No.17, located on 3A, Chisinau street. The event was attended by local authorities representatives, successful companies from Hincesti city and district, as well as regional mass media.

The office has two places of counter clerks arranged for legal entities and individuals. This offers customers the opportunity to make any payment, money transfer and other banking transactions involving cash. Also, two customer advisors offer the full range of products and consultations for any banking product: deposits, loans, credit cards.

"We are very pleased to open this agency in Hincesti – the 3rd district in Moldova by population and the first one by the area. We hope in good development of this agency and our activity in Hincesti", said Jean-François Myard, president of Mobiasbanca – Groupe Société Générale during the opening speech. "I would like to add that Mobiasbanca has some principles. The first one is to stand by our customers. The second principle is the quality – both in terms of meeting customers and providing quality services. And the third principle is to develop a sustainable and long-term relationship with our customers”, specified Mr. Myard.

"We are happy that Mobiasbanca has opened an agency in our city, which shows our success in city and district Hincesti development. Through this agency we hope to find French partners and investors for the regional businesses, which will contribute to the economic recovery in Hincesti", said Alexander Botnari, mayor of Hincesti.

"We are placed in the main thoroughfare of Hincesti and we intend to launch many attractive offers in order to meet our customers’ expectations and to serve them at the highest level," said Sergei Tcacenco, manager of agency No.17 "Hincesti”.

Branch is arranged according to high standards of Société Générale, relating both to the appearance of the subsidiary, and, most importantly, the European concept of customer service.