Mobiasbanca brings a new service standard on Moldovan market

Mobiasbanca has launched a new standard of presentation of branches and agencies. Some branches have been arranged according to Groupe Societe Generale standards.

The new concept is different from those which we had before. We wish that our customers to feel comfortable in a space dedicated particularly to them and where they will be served at the highest level. Our customers are our best assets of the bank and we wish to offer them a high level of service in a pleasant atmosphere.

In addition to changes related to the external look that provides better visibility both day and night time, it was applied a new concept to customer service: separate facilities for corporate clients and individuals, places developed for customer advisors, universal counters, specially designated areas for negotiations.

At universal counters customers can make any payment, money transfer and other banking transactions involving cash. Customer advisors offer the full range of products offering consultations for any banking product: deposits, loans, credit cards.

Branch No.14 "Comrat" – 42, Puskin, str.
Agency No. 35 "Ionel" – Chisinău, Botanica Sector – 1 Sarmizegetusa, str.
Agency No. 57 "Soroca" – 110, Ştefan cel Mare, ave., (Fourchette market)
Branch No. 5 "Riscani" – 13/1, Miron Costin, str., (ex-Ocean market)
Branch No. 15 "Buiucani" – 89/4, Alba Iulia, str. 
Branch No. 4 "Dacia" – 16/1, Dacia, ave.