Go Green

Mobiasbanca has participated to the second edition of “Green day” project in 2009

Social responsibility starts from common sense, education and natural actions: to preserve clean our environment, to prevent environmental pollution and to signal the potential pollution sources and trying to transform ugly into beautiful.

Namely the environmental protection was the principle that guided Mobiasbanca - Groupe Societe Generale team to conduct and to participate actively to the second edition of the "Green Day" project this year.

On November 7 Mobiasbanca team participated in cleaning of the park "La Izvor" from in Buiucani sector, in Chisinau. Along with other employees from 12 companies - member of the Global Compact Network Moldova (GCNM), the park was cleared of leaves and garbage. By this action of responsibility we have demonstrated once again that, we, Mobiasbanca team, care about our environment and we can not just talk about this principle, but also to take action and to get involved actively.

National Campaign "GO GREEN" was launched on May 16 this year so far involving the development and implementation of the "Ecological Office" Code and two editions of the "Green Day" activity. By rallying to the actions of the campaign, GCNM members, representatives of civil society and business environment in Moldova shows responsibility to promote environmental protection and become an example to improve social and environmental performance.



Go Green – May 16, 2009

This year members of Global Compact Moldova decided to continue the project related to the protection of environment through an social action called “Go Green”.
This action unified on May 16 approximately 300 employees of companies – members of Global Compact Moldova who went in the park of sector Riscani, where cleaned the territory by rubbish, have installed informative tables which draw attention to visitors about importance of protection of environment and keeping clean in the public places of our capital.

The messages which were transmitted:

A clean environment – a more health life!
The park is nicer without rubbish!
A clean environment for our children!

Green day – April 12, 2008 

Mobiasbanca is member of Global Compact Moldova since 2008.
Global Compact Moldova is a volunteer initiative which gathers different companies from our countries, civil society for supporting of universal social and environmental principles in various domains, as human rights, standards of labour, protection of environment and fighting against corruption.

One of the activities of Mobiasbanca as member of Global Compact Moldova was active participation to the “Green Day” project, which took place on April 12, 2008.

The purpose of the project was demonstration of social model of partnership, through unifying of common efforts of cleaning and planting of trees in the public gardens of the capital, as popularization largely of promptitude to protect environment. Mobiasbanca team was very receptive and have participated to cleaning of the Aleea Trandafirilor Park from Botanica sector: leaning of rubbish, varnishing of benches. 

GO Green concept

Mobiasbanca supports the national campaign GO Green, initiated by the Moldovan Global Compact Network (MGCN). The campaign was launched on May 16 2009 and includes the initiative of 51 member-companies of MGCN to approve and promote the Ecological Office Code “GO Green”, created by the network.

By approving the Code, MGCN companies and the member-organizations, representatives of the civil society and business environment of Moldova assume responsibility and join efforts to promote the environment protection and to become a model for improving the social and ecologic outcomes.

By applying the main requirements of the Code, companies commit to:

  1. promote a pro-ecological corporate culture, also among their employees,
  2. apply “3R” Principles: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”,
  3. disseminate the initiative among partners, competitors and other parties,
  4. report progress achieved in environmental protection in their annual report


The Ecological Office Code “GO Green” includes a set of practical recommendations, in order to make the goals formulated in the Code possible to apply. So, depending on the business specific features and the size, each company may benefit of some tools that will contribute to optimizing the work process, by reducing the negative impact on the environment and promoting a corporative policy of ecologic behavior.

For additional information concerning the activity of Moldovan Global Compact Network, please access the web page www.globalcompact.md.