Corporate social responsibility

The policy of active dialog with civil society is strongly correlated with our corporate culture and forms the basis for our cultural values.

Societe Generale transformed responsibility into an integral part of its busines, taking into account the specific geographical, cultural, social and economic characteristics of each country where it operates.


Building team spirit together

Let us remember together 25 social projects successfully implemented by Mobiasbanca - OTP Group S.A., which have left a special mark for the society and in your hearts.

Mobiasbanca supports talented people through the project "150 Moldovans. Discover Moldova" carried out together with agency “Publicis Moldova”, which was committed to finding beautiful people by their talent and work, and promote them as real life models. This project started during the campaign dedicated to 150 year anniversary of Société Générale group founding, in 2014 and finished during another celebration – 25 years of Mobiasbanca in Moldova.








Go green


Supporting talents