EIB funding sources

Mobiasbanca provides funding products from sources of European Investment Bank (EIB)

Mobiasbanca - Groupe Societe Generale continues supporting the SMEs activity in Moldova by establishing a partnership with the European Investment Bank, which offers the possibility to offer financial products on more favorable terms. 

  • Beneficiaries 
    Especially autonomous Small and Medium Enterprises ("SMEs")* located in Moldova, also “Medium Enterprises” and public entities for energy and environmental projects. 

  • Avantages
    SMEs that access loans from the EIB sources benefit from favorable interest rate in comparison with standard interest rate for similar loans from other sources. 

  • Eligible purposes
    EIB aims to finance all the investments and expenses incurred in the development of SMEs through eligible projects, except for purely financial transactions:

– The purchase, renovation or expansion of tangible assets, except land; Note: Funding acquisition of land is excluded, except where absolutely necessary, in terms of technically, for investment. Funding acquisition of arable land is excluded.

– Investments in intangible assets, respectively:

  • Development costs, planning and construction phase funding in a tangible asset;
  • Research and development expenses (fees, development costs and gross wages directly associated with research, development and innovation components of the activity);
  • Strengthening the internal market distribution networks or other EU markets (acquisition of assets and / or trademarks, operational costs and labor costs).

– Working capital for medium and long term to enable SMEs to finance the debts associated with their business cycle, as part of their normal business.

► A European cooperation for the benefit of SMEs

The EIB is the long-term lending bank of the European Union. Its task is to contribute towards the integration, balanced development and economic and social cohesion of the EU Member States. Thanks to its best possible rating on the capital markets (AAA), the EIB can borrow funds on favorable terms, which is reflected on the conditions of funding for SMEs

EIB Group facilitate SMEs access to finance

SMEs will be specifically and individually informed by Mobiasbanca regarding EIB involvement and impact of this involvement in the financial conditions of the received loan.

In a period where the SMEs face the challenge of the international economic crisis, Mobiasbanca act as an intermediary bank on behalf of EIB, offering advantageous financing solutions for any business need, thus dynamically contribute to the development of domestic SMEs.

Types of funding

Loan destined for investment 
Eligible beneficiaries Autonomous SMEs
Currency of disbursements EUR/ USD
Term Min. 2 years, max. 10 years**
Amount of EIB financing Up to 100% of the loan, but maximum EUR 12. 500. 000 (or other currency equivalent).
Maximum Beneficiary’s Project amount Pînă la 25.000.000 EUR

**in line with the economic and technical duration of the project


Loan destined for working capital
Eligible beneficiaries enterprise with less than 500 employees
Currency of disbursements EUR/ USD
Term min. 2 years
Eligible expenses may include raw materials, labor, stocks, trade receivables, etc.



Moldova’s Wine Sector Restructuring Program financed from funds made available by the European Investment Bank (EIB) – On-lending to small and medium-sized enterprises from wine sector and support industries, duly registered on the territory of Republic of Moldova according to the legislation currently in force.

♦ Objectives:

  • Restructuring the wine sector and support industries and promoting the production of quality wine, i.e. wines of Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) or Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.);
  • Improving the quality and consistency of wines produced in Moldova beginning with the quality of vineyards to the final packaging and dispatch of products;
  • Diversifying the country’s export markets by guaranteeing the authenticity of wine products;

♦ Beneficiaries:
Legal entities, registered under any form of legal organization according to the legislation currently in force of the Republic of Moldova and representing the following groups:

  • Grape-processing enterprises (owners of vineyards (technical varieties of grape) and producers of grapes (technical varieties) as raw material and bulk wine;
  • Wine-making enterprises (primary grape processing and production of bulk wine);
  • Wine-making enterprises (wine treatment (raw material) and bottling);
  • Wine-making enterprises of complete production cycle;
  • Wine-growing enterprises (owners of vineyards (technical varieties of grape) and producers of grapes as raw material);
  • Vine-growers (producers of grapevine seedlings);
  • Laboratories for wine quality control;
  • Wine-related educational institutions;
  • Support industries enterprises (producers of packaging, labels, accessories for wine bottling etc.).


♦ Amount:

  • 5 mln EUR for wineries upgrading;
  • 2 mln EUR for vineyards restructuring;
  • 600 thousand EUR for medium and long-term financing of working capital (for working capital the maximum period of financing – 5 years, the grace period – 2 years);
  • minimum 25 thousand EUR for any wine-related activity;
  • 10 thousand EUR for establishment of 1 hectare of vineyards;
  • 1000 EUR for grubbing of 1 hectare of vineyards.

♦ Maximum term: 10 years

♦ Grace period: 4 years

Currency:  EUR / USD / MDL

♦ Eligible activities:

  • re-equipment and upgrading of existing wineries and support industries enterprises;
  • enhancement of activities of existing wine-making enterprises by installation of new bottling lines; 
  • creation/ renovation of quality control laboratories;
  • creation of small wineries in rural areas (boutique wineries, celllars, chateaus);
  • upgrading of National Center of Alcoholic Beverages Testing and creation of regional quality control laboratories network;
  • renovation of quality control laboratories from educational institutions;
  • wine education and professional training of wine specialists;
  • other additional activities that contribute to sustainable development of the wine sector.

♦ Ineligible activities:

  • procurement of end products for consumption  and/or trade;
  • construction of administrative buildings (except reconstruction and renovation of existing ones);
  • financing of purchase of farmland;
  • financing of recoverable taxes and fees;
  • planting of table grapevines; 
  • expenditures for military purposes, nuclear reactors, their parts, any activity that includes radioactive materials and products;
  • luxury goods for purposes of consumption;
  • genetically modified organisms emission in natural environment;
  • illegal pesticides production, distribution and sale;
  • products that contain asbestos;
  • other equipment and machinery that contain substances regulated by the international conventions;

♦ Financing from EIB’s resources:  50% of the total cost of the Sub-Project

Beneficiary participation — 50% of the total cost of the Sub-Project will be financed by the beneficiary from:

  • own resources;
  • credit banks and loans from non-banking financial institutions;
  • grants from donors and other sources.

♦ Other conditions:
Main advantages of the Program:

  • Long-term financing;
  • Long grace period;
  • Large amounts invested for implementation of one Sub-Project;
  • Exemption from all custom taxes, fees, VAT on importing equipment/services purchased in accordance with the approved eligible Sub-Project;
  • Application of zero rated VAT for purchasing goods, equipment and services on the country’s territory from local suppliers, necessary for the implementation of the Sub-Project.

For further information on the financing (loan) in the amount of EUR 75 million received by the Republic of Moldova from the European Investment Bank for implementation of the Wine Sector Restructuring Program, please visit the official website of the EIB by clicking on the link: https://www.eib.org/projects/pipeline/2010/20100484.htm