Why Mobiasbanca?

Human Resources Policy at Mobiasbanca is designed in close conjunction with the Bank's strategic objective of sustainable development in all fields, by continuous and permanent satisfaction of our customers needs.

Performance is the main objective of the bank's human resources. To be performing, we must have a competent and motivated staff, operating in an attractive social climate.

The priority areas of activity of the Human Resources Department are:

  • Recruitment – attracting the best candidates to provide the necessary working force;
  • Trainings and professional development – developing professional skills in order to improve business activity;
  • Career Assessment and Management – identifying performance and providing opportunities for career development;
  • Attractive remuneration policy, simple and effective.

The continuous growth of banking activity and territorial expansion involves human capital providing, in a continuous growing.

Using a tough recruitment and personnel selection, based on competition, interview and probation term we strive to form a team of high qualified specialists, with leadership and creative potential, providing high compatibility at both personal and interpersonal level for a long term.

Given the ever increasing competition and market trends, we give particular attention to trainings and assisting employees in self-improvement process and professional development.

Human Resources Department is the main link in ensuring good relationship between the employer and employee, which allows a permanent and effective communication between the administration and every employee in receiving and solving various professional and personal problems. Proceeding from employees’ needs and administration possibilities, we propose and solve different aspects of the team’s everyday life.

Our goal is to go beyond the traditional administrative role. We get involved along with managers as their partners in team management and bank change management.

Our company culture, professional and motivating work environment are the actors who determine young graduates and experienced professionals to join the Mobiasbanca team.

Together we strive to create a strong team, consisting of highly trained and motivated employees, motivated to self-improve and share our shareholder, Societe Generale Group, values: 

Commitment                  Responsibility                  Team spirit                  Innovation

Everything is possible!
Results and performance in what you do make your success in professional evolution and the success of our bank achievements.