e-factura Service

New service offered by Mobiasbanca for its clients

For those who don’t have enough time to effectively manage the issue of monthly payments (the bills), Mobiasbanca comes with an efficient solution.

eFactura service – represents a transaction that automatically debits the client’s account (Utilities Payments Consumer), on a certain date, with a monthly periodicity, with subsequent transfer of the debited amounts to the Service Providers accounts.

In other words, you have the option of paying bills without leaving the house, with minimal effort. Whether you already opened a bank account with or without a bank card, or you will open it specifically for this option, there are a number of advantages of the eFactura that can’t be denied.


  • Saving time – is not necessary the physical presence of client at the moment of utility bills payments;
  • Comfort – utility bills will be paid automatically, on time without delay;
  • Payments evidence – all payments for utility bills will be registered into bank account statement with full and detailed information;
  • Payments confirmation – the bank will send by e-mail confirmative messages concerning payments result or messages of nonpayment (insufficient funds);
  • The possibility of setting the date, since that will start to be paid the utility bills.


Therefore, the use of eFacture makes it possible to get rid of paying bills at the bank, they will be automated and individually adjusted (the payout date can be personally set, depending on individual budget fluctuations, such as the day of the salary receiving, the date of the bills, etc.). The payment will be confirmed or denied and the user informed, in order to avoid any possible negative consequences. Time savings will be observed right out of the first month when there will be no need to go to the bank (possibly more than once, due to the fact that each bill has its own payment term).

The main Service Providers for which Mobiasbanca ensure the payments by eFactura service are: 

  • Moldtelecom
  • Red Union Fenosa
  • Chisinau-Gaz
  • Infocom
  • Infosapr
  • Autosalubritate
  • Apa-Canal
  • Sun TV
  • Termocom
  • Satelit TV
  • Arax-Impex
  • Viss Rox Net
  • Data Network Communications
  • Lux Net
  • Aneni-Gaz
  • Balti-Gaz
  • Cahul Gaz Natural
  • Edinet Gaz
  • Gagauz Gaz
  • Ungheni Gaz


Due to the fact that more and more service providers resort to online billing, many users choose this method. Its effectiveness is demonstrated in practice thanks to its comfort and time-saving. People that have a bank card are becoming more accustomed to how to use it and, theregore, put more confidence in eFactura. The existence of a simple account at Mobiasbanca could offer so many advantages, with minimum requirements.

You can subscribe to eFactura service in any Mobiasbanca unit, where you will:

  • Open an account at Mobiasbanca, if you don’t have one;
  • Conclude once the Application Form eFactura service;
  • Present once the utility payments bills for gas, water, energy, etc.

Only these few steps and you will save time and effort every time you’ll pay a bill. The eFactura is the perfect solution for busy people who want to have control over their budget, spendings and personal time.

Information on fees for single payment transactions paid by PF