eMobias.md - Internet Banking

Surprisingly easy wherever you are!

eMobias.md offers you a permanent remote connection with the bank, anytime and anywhere, without the need to visit the bank’s units.

eMobias.md is an automated remote banking system such as "internet-payments", transactional and informational.

Thereby, you can use the service day by day and have access to your personal banking accounts to perform different current operations directly from home, work or any place, using a device that is connected to the Internet and has an operating system.

flexible and practical solution that offers you the possibility:

  • To get information about your funds, consulting the personal accounts’ statement (current accounts with/without card attached, deposits, saving accounts or loans) and the transactions performed;
  • To perform payment operations, by transfers between personal accounts opened in Mobiasbanca (in MDL and/or foreign currency);
  • To perform payment operations, by transfers to beneficiaries that have accounts opened in Mobiasbanca or other bank from the Republic of Moldova (in MDL);
  • To perform payment operations for monthly utility invoices to billers that the bank has signed a partnership contract with (utility bills);
  • To perform international payments;
  • To set standing orders (between personal accounts and/or to domestic beneficiaries);
  • To see the history of all transactions and the opportunity to download accounts statements;
  • To send/receive messages to/from the bank;
  • To define, by your own, domestic and international beneficiaries etc.

Full privacy and security of eMobias.md:

  • Access to the information displayed on the web page and your operations are carried out safely, utilizing for this purpose the most advanced security systems
  • Accessing personalized information and confirming transactions is provided only on the basis of the User ID and Confidential Numeric Password generated by Token

Your advantages:

  • Saving time and money – no need to visit bank’s units and wait in queues;
  • Control of your personal accounts and banking operations;
  • Reduced costs – lower fees as compared to those applied at the bank’s counter;
  • Easy to use – the navigation pane of the page is client friendly;
  • Comfort and security when performing transactions – complete confidentiality of data and transactions is ensured;
  • Security - the access to the service is realized through an international system of confidential codes, which protects you against fraudulent use;
  • Also, the service can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet, either it is a computer, a notebook, a netbook, a smartphone or a tablet.

Try it now, by accessing the web page of the servicwww.emobias.md and see how easy and convenient it is!


How do you register?

In order to subscribe to eMobias.md service choose the most suitable method for you:

  • • Register right now the subscription form online; this way, you will be contacted to set a meeting with the bank at the most appropriate time for you;
  • • Visit your personal advisor from the bank;

In order to subscribe to the service it is necessary that you have a valid e-mail address and an active current account as a holder (in MDL or foreign currency) opened in the bank. The service is designated to individuals only.

Offer to the bank’s advisor the following information, in order to become an eMobias.md user:

  • Personal numeric code;

  • E-mail address;
  • List of beneficiaries to whom further payments will be processed, with the following details:

                   - The bank and branch that administrates beneficiary’s account
                   - Personal data of the beneficiary (name, personal numeric code)
                   - Description of the beneficiary
                   - Complete number of the beneficiary account
                   - Account currency (in MDL)

Find out more right now! 

  • About the service

    Availability program of eMobias.md service


    Execution of transactions (or ”electronic messages”) is performed as follows:

    Intra-banking flow (Mobiasbanca - Mobiasbanca) : daily

    Inter-banking flow (Mobiasbanca–other banks) : Monday – Friday

    International payments Monday – Friday, depending on foreign currency

    However, eMobias.md service is available for use 24/24 hours.

    In case you perform transactions in weekend or holidays, the respective electronic messages will be processed on the following working day of the week, but not immediately it was sent.

    For this reason, in order to avoid the inconvenience caused by non execution of the electronic message sent out on the specified time period, please be aware of the time when the electronic message is placed.

    Products available through service

    Opportunity to view up to date information regarding accounts’ balance, details of the transactions performed, as well as other information, for the following products:

               - Accounts: current with/without card, savings, deposits;
               - Cards: debit/credit, issued with Visa and/or MasteCard logo;
               - Loans: consumer loans or credit cards.

    Accessing the service

    Type the URL address www.emobias.mdin the internet browser and you will be redirected to a secured page to connect to eMobias.md service. The access will be granted through your credentials (user ID and password).

    You can use one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari

  • Security of transactions

    Security of your transactions is a maximum priority, which is why eMobias.md service uses:

    » User identification by credentials: user code and password
    » Each password is inserted through a virtual keyboard
    » Exchange of the information between the bank and eMobias.md users is encrypted, using SSL 128 bit secure system
    » The service automatically disconnects an user after a short period of inactivity
    » The access to the service is restricted after 3 incorrect login attempts.

    And last but not least, the security is ensured by the token – an electronic device that generates one time passwords for autentification, and also for validation of transactions performed through eMobias.md service.

    One time password is a password available for a short period of time and can be used only once. Each time when is necessary to login or validate a transaction you should generate a new one time password.

    For safety reasons, the service has a daily transaction limit of 15.000 lei per day, without constraints regarding the number of transactions performed.

  • 10 useful tips

    In order to use eMobias.md service in conditions of maximum security, Mobiasbanca recommends:

    » Access the service by entering the URL address www.emobias.md in the dedicated field in the browser;
    » Always check if:
         - the ”lock” icon is displayed in the upper right-left corner of browser page (the digital certificate)
         - the URL should start with https:// (please pay attention to "s" letter after http)
    » Be careful when performing transactions using a public computer (internet cafe, public institutions, airport, etc.) and in any case do not answer to messages requiring saving your access codes;
    » Do not record anywhere your access codes and don’t save them to your computer;
    » Do not disclose to anyone your password, even if they claim to be from the bank;
    » Frequently change your password and set a new password different from the last one used;
    » If you suspect that somebody else has access to your password, you should immediately change it. Also, if you find suspect transactions, inform the bank instantly;
    » Do not answer to messages requiring personal or financial information, apparently from bank’s representatives or any other institution. In case such a situation appears, inform the bank instantly
    » Do not leave your computer unattended when it is connected to eMobias.md service
    » Always click ”LOGOUT” button and close the browser when quitting www.emobias.md

Subscribe to eMobias.md service and enjoy the functionality and the comfort of the service, while the bank is at your service to ensure assistance or additional information through: 

             » Advisors from any Mobiasbanca unit
             » Call Center, available 24/7, at 022 256 456.


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