Vinil Collection – a book of inspiration, signed by Igor Guzun

In the heart of Chisinau, in The National Art Museum of Moldova - one of the most emblematic buildings of the country, the revised and completed edition of the Vinil Collection, book authored by Igor Guzun, was launched, a new art project supported by Mobiasbanca.
”When we say that a book excites or touches us, in fact, in fact the book encourages us to do good deeds. This is the main theme of the Vinil book – a collection of short stories, focusing on exciting and fundamental things in a human’s life”, the author Igor Guzun said to readers and friends, who were present at the event.
”We are glad to have a rendez-vous with music, paintings, books and art-lovers at a launching of a book that truly deserves collecting. It is an honor for Mobiasbanca to provide support for such a beautiful and impactful project, and, undoubtedly, the ”Vinil Collection” is such a book - a soul-soothing book, an accurate X-ray of our country’s realities and a re-affirmation of things that really matter: people, emotions, states”, Stela Ciobanu, General Secretary of Mobiasbanca said. 
“Vinil Collection” is a book we recommend this autumn for your reading list, because of the following prompt:” Children! Put your smartphones and tablets aside. Spend some time with your parents and grandparents. Your smartphones and tablets will still be there. Your parents and grandparents, on the other hand, will not be around forever: they age and fade away”.
We believe in talented people and we value real talents!