The easiest way to consult your account, pay utility bills and perform other banking transactions directly from your mobile phone, by SMS. Now, through MobiasSMS service, automated remote service, as "mobile-payments", it is easier to keep in touch with your bank, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Even without previous experience of using sms banking, you will soon become attached to this method of managing your financial resources.


What advantages does it have?

  • Security and control upon transactions performed on Mobiasbanca accounts 24/24.
  • Saving precious time for other activities, because there is no need to go to one of the bank’s branches to perform transactions.
  • Helps you save money because of up to100% discount on fees compared to those performed in the branches.
  • Access to accounts through simple SMS messages.
  • All operations performed in real time with maximum safety.

What operations can be performed?

  • Credit card payment through the PLATAINT operation
  • Setting alerts regarding any balance account modification, by establishing a limit amount.
  • Getting informed about account’s balance, exchange rates for transfers, account mini-statement, credit installment to pay, card /deposit expiry date.
  • Utility bills payments*.
  • Payments and transfers* to pre-defined beneficiaries.
  • Performing currency exchange transactions.
  • Scheduling a meeting with the personal advisor from the branch.

*Transactional operations (utility bills payment/transfers and other payments/currency exchange) can be accessed only by individuals.

What are the terms and conditions?

Very simple! It is necessary to be a Mobiasbanca client, to have at least one current account in MDL, with or without debit/credit card attached and a mobile telephone connected to one of the operators: Orange, Moldcell or Unite - if you meet these simple conditions, you can easily start using the SMS banking option!.

In order to subscribe to MobiasSMS service visit the closest Mobiasbanca unit or call to Call Center at 022 256 456, available 24/7.

How does it work?

Consulting bank accounts and performing transactions through a simple SMS sent to the short number 2456.

Therefore, to:

  • Get information about account balance;
  • Account mini-statement;
  • Help in using commands;
  • Exchange rates;
  • Contact information;
  • Schedule a meeting with personal advisor;
  • Information about the package subscribed;
  • Change the PIN-code;
  • Current offer details.

Send an SMS with the necessary text and you
will immediately get the requested information 

For example: SOLD <PIN> <Account label>

Transactions that can be requested by a simple SMS:

  • Utility bills payments;
  • Payments to pre-defined national beneficiaries;
  • Transfers between personal accounts;
  • Operations.

Send an SMS with the necessary text

For example: PLATACOM <PIN> <Biller> <ID invoice> <Account label (optional)*>

Follow the next steps displayed.

Type of alerts that can be set:

  • Increase/decrease of account balance over/under a certain amount;
  • Account balance modification by a certain amount;
  • Increase/decrease of account balance over/under a certain limit.

Setting alerts on accounts held can be done by subscribing to MobiasSMS service. Deleting alerts set on accounts can be done by a simple SMS.

For additional information please refer to the Detailed guide for MobiasSMS use

What are the measures of full confidentiality and security?

  • Access to the information displayed on the web page and operations is carried out safely, utilizing for this purpose the most advanced security systems.
  • Access to personalized information is provided only on the basis of the PIN - access password to the service generated automatically at the time of the membership creation.
  • Transactions through MobiasSMS are confirmed by Single Password (OTP Confirmation Code).


Find out more right now!

  • A simple phone call to Call Center helps you get additional information regarding this product
  • Or in any Mobiasbanca unit, where client advisors are available to offer you detailed information regarding subscribing and functionality of this product

Consult the administration fees here.