Bank cards

Cards MasterCard and VISA from Mobiasbanca are a convenient payment tool that gives you more advantages while shopping! In addition, you can now choose a custom-designed card, for which you can choose the picture yourself, according to your lifestyle.

Wether you choose a debit or a credit card, you benefit of a range of advantages:

  • Flexibility

You have access to your account money 24/7, both in the country and abroad.

Use the card safely to pay your purchases anywhere in the world, including the Internet, without having to buy the necessary currency in advance, absolutely free of charge and without additional fees.

Supply the card at the bank's counter or by transfer (including via internet banking).

View the remaining balance and recent transactions made directly at ATMs or via Internet banking.

  • Savings

Unlike the ATMs where there may be a charge for cash withdrawal, when you pay with the VISA card from Mobiasbanca, the charge is always 0 MDL. Thus, your money is safe and you don’t waste time looking for an ATM.

  • Safety

 or is a free service attached to your VISA card that allows you to shop online without any concerns, in conditions of maximum safety, and your savings are protected at every processing stage.

  • Rapidity and simplicity

With the Contactless* technology you can make small value payments (between 500-1000 lei) very rapidly with sellers that display the  or logo without having to enter the PIN code, just by bringing the card close to the terminal.

  • Guaranteed CASHBACK*

Every time you shop in the Republic of Moldova with your VISA Classic and VISA Gold card from Mobiasbanca in gas stations, supermarkets, stores, restaurants, etc., you receive part of the money back to your card for every transaction.**

* for VISA cards
** you can find more information in the Regulation of the loyalty campaign attached to the VISA cards issued by Mobiasbanca, placed on the bank’s official website.

Additional advantages:

  • automatic renewal of the card upon expiry of its validity
  • generation of a new PIN directly at ATMs in the country or abroad
  • eliminating the risks associated with cash holdings
  • attach extra cards to provide access to the available card on behalf of authorized persons (exception MasterCard Merci Debit)
  • overdraft facility and lack of minimum required balance on card account (for debit cards)
  • payment on the card account, upon request, of interest on lei deposits placed in Mobiasbanca with monthly interest payment
  • receive transfers directly on the card (to view the transfer items, access the currency you are interested in here)
  • interest calculated at the balance of the card account (for debit cards)
  • vast network points of cards acceptance (over 700 thousand ATMs and over 20 million commercial agents worldwide)


Required documents to open a card:

  • card issuance request
  • identity act

For more details, please contact Mobiasbanca network or call Call Center at 022 256 456, available 24/7.


Useful information:

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