Card Insurance Service

If you are the owner or user of a current account with an attached card opened at Ma: MasterCard Gold, MasterCard, Debit MasterCard, in MDL, USD or EUR, you have the chance to beneficiate of the Card Insurance Service – insurance of your card, documents, keys and mobile phone, offered by an insurance company from RM based on a collaboration contract with Mobiasbanca.


Do you want to feel safe?

  • Do you want to be insured against the theft/loss of you card?
  • Do you want to be insured against the theft/loss of you personal documents, keys and mobile phone along with your card?

It’s simple — choose the Card Insurance Service. In order to avoid unpleasant incidents in the future and especially additional expenses, you can beneficiate of the Card Insurance Service.

The Card Insurance Service covers:

  • Unauthorized payment operations/cash withdrawal made as a result of the card theft/loss, and also the expenses for card re-establishment
  • Expenses for the re-establishment of the identity documents (identity card, passport, driving license) and/or the keys (of the apartment, car, and Mobiasbanca safe) lost or stolen  with the card
  • Compensation of the mobile phone value, lost  with the card (only as a result of theft or robbery)


Coverage area
The insurance is available so in the RM as in other countries outside RM.

1 year (it is automatically extended from the account with the attached card, filling in a form at the bank’s branches, or paying with cash at the bank’s counters, except for cancellation case).

Will be transferred directly into the current account opened at Ma; if necessary there will be an automatic conversion into the card currency.


  • Additional benefits: security increase of card utilization. Now you have access to the only service of this type on the RM market
  • Flexibility: you can pay the insurance premium at any unity of Mobiasbanca
  • Accessibility: The insurance premium cost is very accessible and is paid annually, even if the card has a 2 year validity