Custom-designed cards

Do you want a unique, special bank card? Now at Mobiasbanca you can choose your bank card photo yourself, according to your lifestyle. Choose a debit card or a MasterCard Standard credit card and customize it to your liking.

We are surrounded by objects created in series, by copies, by universal things. To distinguish yourself from the crowd, you need something special, created for you.

Mobiasbanca now offers you the possibility to get an absolutely individual bank card! You can choose a favorite photo from your personal archive, or choose one of the images proposed by the bank. The result will be a unique bank card, which you will be happy to use every time.

How nice would it be to always have a photo of your family, your pet, or a photo of your last vacation. You can even make a specific picture for your card. Obviously, you can also choose an image from our gallery, the important thing is that you will have a bank card to represent you.

See the gallery of photos available below.


  1. Personalized design - just decide how you want your card to look;
  2. Safety - thanks to the 3Dsecure standard and CIP technology attached;
  3. National and international use - wherever MasterCard signs are displayed;
  4. Free insurance against the risk of delay of flight and baggage, as well as the purchase of goods on the Internet;
  5. Access to optional Internet Banking and Contactell.

From the functional point of view, you will have a bank card similar to the usual ones. You will be able to use it in maximum security, anywhere in Moldova or abroad. You will also have access to internet banking or phone banking.


In order to be applied on the card, photographs must comply with certain copyright and intellectual property requirements, as well as ethical and moral principles.

The appearance of any of the following elements in the photo/image used to make the personalized design for the bank card is strictly forbidden:

• Political content of any kind: statements, beliefs, symbols, logos belonging to organizations or political parties;

• Materials or images that may be interpreted as offensive or prejudicial to cultural, racial or religious values: statements, symbols belonging to organizations or sects;

• Affiliation to groups that are targeted to be "socially unacceptable" / illegal groups;

• Advertising or promotional materials of any kind/material subject to copyright law;

• Branded products/services including abbreviations, acronyms, and/or symbols of any kind;

• Celebrities of any kind: musicians, athletes, actors, public figures, etc.

• Portraits of any adult, including the cardholder, if it can lead to confusion of the bank card with an identity document;

• Personal promotion in any form (for example, personal business card);

• Any Olympic logo, logos, names, or authentication statements;

• Photos or images that contain phone numbers or services of any kind;

• Provocative or sexual material of any kind;

• Content that could lead to non-acceptance of the card to merchants or with items susceptible to fraud;

• Any graphic design element that might negatively reflect or create hostility or derision against the MasterCard trademark.

See the details in Terms and Conditions for myCard

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