Chérie Chérie

Certainly, we, women have in our own bags only things that make our life easier. Lipstick, mirror, mobile phone, wallet - all are created just for us, but even so, troubles seem to be never-ending and do not let you to enjoy the life's little pleasures ... shopping!

A woman deserves to be in the spotlight, so Mobiasbanca gives you the opportunity to create an individual card design from the Chérie Chérie collection, using photos from the gallery offered by the bank, available here.

Stop waiting! It’s time to be cherished!

We have designed for you a means of payment that you will immediately enjoy and will want to have it forever.

Thus, we have created exclusively for you Chérie Chérie cards collection that will open a perfectly "tailored" world to correspond to your needs. Stylish shopping, special gifts, and money with grace period - all these are included in, so you could turn your dreams into reality.

Choose now your Chérie Chérie card from Mobiasbanca that suits you best and you will be cherished with:

  • grace period for purchases
  • discounted fees and commissions
  • attractive interest rates
  • special gifts
  • discounts at your favorite shops and salons

And not only! Having the card you will enjoy a variety of other attached banking products and services which will make you realize how important the details are and that the attitude makes the difference. 

Even more! Quarterly, we will organize the drawing of lots (lottery) and further, the Chérie Chérie winners will enjoy special gifts provided by our partners.

The participants at the drawing of lots will be all the Chérie Chérie cardholders that have spent for shopping at least 5.000 MDL in the quarter.

In the month following the quarter for which the lottery was organized the winners will be electronically selected. The lucky Chérie Chérie cardholders will be announced by phone about the gift they have won as well as other details linked with this.

Chérie Chérie cards collection 

myCard Chérie Chérie debit myCard Chérie Chérie credit
It includes all the advantages of a debit card, having in addition a lot of other special created benefits attached to it. You may choose it for higher security in unplanned situations or whenever you want something more, better and special for you.
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