Debit MasterCard

Use the card Debit Mastercard in MDL and enjoy:

  • Usage term: 36 months
  • Currency: MDL
  • Chip technology (using global EMV standards) and CONTACTLESS
  • Card type: MasterCard debit



You have access to the cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, both in country and abroad. Use the card in a maximum security for purchases anywhere in the world, without having to buy currency in advance.


Remove the risks involved in holding cash.In case of lost/stolen card, you can apply customer support regardless of day time: Call Center  at 022 256 456 to block the card. Thus, your money will be safeguarded.

You can also use the follow:

  • opportunity to offer to family members and the other trustees the access to the cash card account through the issuance of additional cards;
  • replacement of PIN-code into the ATM Bank;
  • network payments much wider acceptance.

Additional features:

  • collection at the card account, at your request, the monthly interest in MDL deposits placed in Mobiasbanca;
  • interest on the balance of the card.