VISA Classic debit


  • debit card in MDL and USD
  • valid for 3 years
  • possibility of automatic renewal
  • use at national and international level
  • attachment of additional cards
  • overdraft facility
  • chip technology (using the global standards EMV) and CONTACTLESS


Characteristics and functions:

  • issued for individuals under the eligibility criteria
  • the account can be filled up with card by depositing cash at the bank’s office, through transfer (including through the internet banking)
  • cash withdrawal operations at the offices/ATMs of the bank, of other commercial banks from the Republic of Moldova, of the commercial banks from abroad
  • making payments at the commercial units in the country and abroad, including Internet transactions
  • visualization of the balance at the ATMs and units of the bank, as well as of other commercial banks from Moldova
  • visualization of the last operations at the bank’s ATMs
  • generation of a new PIN, and change of the PIN at the ATMs of the bank and of other commercial banks (from Moldova or from abroad)
  • allows the use of the international security standard 3D Secure (Verified by Visa)